ANA Board Meeting Minutes — September 2016

Audubon Neighborhood Association Minutes
September 12, 2016

In attendance: Egan Haugesag, Lindsey Haugesag, Adam Sieve, Naomi Golden, Luke Stultz, Terri Harder, Don Sellers

Guests: Michael S. Wilson, Jack Whitehurst

Call to order: Egan called to order 7:08 pm

Michael S. Wilson has been working with us on the audit for our Audubon Neighborhood Association.

Notice what we’ve been doing, make a few recommendations moving forward, kept organizations in line, it’s worthwhile to have audits to make sure we stay on course. Audubon popped up; Mike was asked to look at governance how organization processes transactions.

-turn over with 2 board members, someone moved out of town, someone was voted off board

Ask contractors to provide proof of workman’s comp

Jack Whitehurst: neighborhood support specialist

ANA Community Meeting Minutes — August 2016

ANA Community Meeting

Call to order: 7 pm

Motion to approve agenda: at 7 pm

June minutes are not available

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ANA Board Meeting Minutes — August 2016

Audubon Neighborhood Board Meeting

In attendance: Egan Haugesag, Beth Cauwels, Terri Harder, Naomi Golden, Don Sellers, Lindsay Hitt, Luke Stultz, Bill Sauerwein

Call to order: 6:10 pm
Terri approved to move agenda, Beth seconded

July 2016 minutes: Terri moved to approve with edit, Lindsay seconded, everyone approved

Financial Update YTD: we will consider looking for another bank in the neighborhood, looking at alternatives to Bremer

Met up about audit, putting together information the auditor has been looking for, sounds like everything is going well, no one foresees any issues,

ANA Board Meeting Minutes — July 2016

Audubon Neighborhood Association Minutes
July 11, 2016

In attendance: Egan Haugesag, Luke Stultz, Naomi Golden, Don Sellers, Beth Cauwels, Terri Harder

Call to order at 7:07

Approve Agenda, everyone approved

Action Item: Treasurer Election, Terri Harder nomination, Don seconded, everyone approved

Audit Update: meeting with Mike Wilson on 7/12/16, they will be looking at a snapshot of the records from previous years, it’s randomly chosen piece of time, should take 2-3 months

Financial Update from Don: everything is right where it is supposed to be

Luke said we are switching to ADP for payroll, it will save us over $1000 per year

Schools, Parks, and Youth Committee update from Don: Becky from the farmers market would like to have a backpack fundraiser,

ANA Board Meeting Minutes — May 2016

In attendance: Board members: Lindsey Hitt, Sonja Peterson, Naomi Golden, Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Don Sellers, Adam, Bill Sauerwein, Luke Stultz Guest: Michelle Chavez

Call to order at 7:05 by Egan Haugesag

Approve Agenda, Adam moved approval, Naomi 2nd

Approve April Minutes
Sonja move approval, Bill second

Secretary Election
Sonja moved, all in favor

NEMS update from Don

Couple of action items

  • First is in regards to completing payment with civil site group, we’ve approved, but it’s taking awhile to work its way through the city.

    Motion to approve money out of implementation contract to pay for NEMS Civil Site Group, $6287.10 to move C-25317 Phase II Implementation.

    We are taking an advance from Phase II Implementation from C-25135 to pay for work that the Civil site Group

ANA Community Meeting Minutes — April 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Egan

Approve Agenda, Marty moved at 7:02, so moved

Terri talked about Raingarden program, Metro Blooms Rain Garden program, $50 deposit,

New home loan program, 2-3% interest 20K for remodeling projects, emergency loan program will be promoted on Facebook and on the ANA website

TurboTim’s is putting in rain garden, MWMO gave them a grant, there will be an install in June

Metro Blooms is doing a workshop at Audubon Park in April

Keven Reich Ward One update
We have an opportunity to do complete project ready to go, allowing the education component to kick in as well

Don can give some background on the project, the idea is inspired by what Holland did at Edison high school—rain gardens, etc. , looked at parking lot by NEMS, chain link fence, the entire thing didn’t look good, looked at value of supporting a public school

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ANA Board Meeting Minutes — April 2016

Board Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2016
Audubon Park Community Center

In attendance: Board members: Lindsey Hitt, Sonja Peterson, Naomi Golden, Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Don Sellers, Bill Sauerwein Office Manager Luke Stultz

Call to Order at 6:08

Approve of Agenda and Minutes moved by Sonja, approved unanimously at 6:08 pm

Farmers Market Update

3 meetings last week to discuss farmers market, met with NE market, cottage food rules, what we have to track as farmers market, etc. a lot more involved than it used to be

Recommendation is to pay someone to do this, a lot more oversight, licensing and food rules

Luke is going to find some job descriptions, person we hire would have to have a lot more involvement

There is also need for an onsite restroom

Also there is a need to charge vendors for tables

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ANA Community Meeting Minutes — February 2016

Called to order at 7:03 pm

Introductions, committee descriptions

Terri moved to approve the agenda

NEMS Project update from Patrick Sarver –there’s an underutilized parking asset that we would like to turn into something better

Council Member update from Kevin Reich

Kathy Waite update from the 2nd precinct,

  • Block club leader training in February
  • Talking crime statistics

WingDing update from Lindsey Hit—May 7th –looking for volunteers to make wings and to judge the event, adding a plant swap to the event ANA’s contribution to this whole thing

Moving office space update from Egan update on where we could possibly move to—getting out of our current space

Old business/new business Update on the Hollywood theater project, from Andy a community member in Windom Park, feasibility of it to be a theater—conversations about having it be a movie theater

Move to adjourn, Sonja moved, Naomi seconded

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