Questions About Como Neighborhood Pollution

From ANA’s inbox:

You have undoubtedly come across the recent media references to this investigation.

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Ranked Choice Voting

From ANA’s inbox:

Dear neighbors,

As you’ve likely heard, we’re using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to elect our mayor, city council members, park board representatives and member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation on Nov. 5. Adopted by the voters in 2006 and used for the first time in 2009, RCV will get its first big test in this year’s open, competitive mayoral election.

Ranked Choice Voting works just like two elections – a primary and a general election,– but it’s done in a single trip to the polls. It has eliminated the low-turnout August primary, when historically a tiny, unrepresentative group of voters culled the field to just two choices for everyone else.

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Harvest Gathering at NEMS

Dr. Bernadeia Johnson, the Superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools, will be the Keynote speaker at the 8th annual Northeast Harvest Gathering on Monday evening, November 25th at the Northeast Middle School.

Harvest Gathering postcardThe Harvest Gathering is a community event dedicated to bringing the increasingly-diverse population of northeast Minneapolis closer together by reaching out to one-another, neighbor to neighbor, to better understand cultural and religious differences. That mission is reflected in the theme of this year’s Gathering: “Everybody is Somebody’s Neighbor, Come Meet Yours.”

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Autumn Bazaar at Edison

2013 Fall Bazaar flyer with tree illustrationThe Tommie Booster Group is holding a bazaar, Saturday, Nov 16, 10am–3pm in the Edison gym. Proceeds will help fund Edison’s 2014 Senior All Night Party.

The bazaar will include local artists and crafters, a farmers’ market and a silent auction.

Vendors are being sought, too. Contact Jill Davis at or 612-741-4162 for an application.

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County Bike Plan Outreach

From ANA’s inbox:

Hi everyone,

Hennepin County collaborating with Three Rivers Park District to update the Hennepin County Bike Plan. Community engagement for the bike plan is getting underway. We have several opportunities for input on the plan. You are encouraged to provide your input through any and all of the following options:

Thanks for your input!

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Participants Sought for Air Quality Survey

From ANA’s inbox:


We are conducting a city wide air quality monitoring project for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We will be placingapproximately 120 air samplers around the city to obtain sampling data for 77 different chemicals. We are in need of volunteers who live in the City of Minneapolis to place air samplers at their place of residence. I am contacting your community organization in hopes that you can put word out about this project in your community. We have received great response so far and people are excited to learn more about air quality in their neighborhood.

Summa sampling canister

Volunteers will need to have a location outside and off the ground where they could place the sampler (i.e. a porch, table, chair). The sites cannot have people who may smoke near the sampler. For example, the shared patio of an apartment complex would not be a good location. Attached you will find a picture of the sampler. We are using Summa canisters, which are stainless steel electropolished (or "summa" polished) passivated vessels used to collect a whole air sample. To collect a sample, the Summa canister valve is opened and the canister is locked in a designated area for a period of time (for our study, this is 72 hours) to allow the surrounding air to fill the canister and achieve a representative sample. The valve is closed before the canister is sent to a laboratory for analysis.

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ANA 2013 Annual Meeting Preview

Annual Meeting

There are special plans for the annual meeting which will take place on Monday, October 7th at 7 pm. It will be held at the Coffee Shop NE (2852A Johnson St NE) once again, which we hope will become the site for future community meetings.

The coffee shop is donating drinks and Hazel's NE is providing desserts (which owner Adam describes as "delectable.") ANA thanks them both.

On the agenda:

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ANA Community Meeting Minutes — August 2013

Audubon Neighborhood Association Community Meeting
The Coffeeshop Northeast
Monday, August 5, 2013

Members Present: Justin Kwong, Kevin Kelly and Nic Baker

Marty Schreiber moved the minutes from the June ANA and Larry seconded the motion and the minutes were approved by those present.

Nick Madsen and Susan Webb, of the Minneapolis Police Department 2nd Precinct addressed the neighborhood: Webb stated that crime has increased “slightly” in the Audubon Neighborhood.

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