ANA Meeting Moves to Park

The next ANA community meeting will be held at Audubon Park (29th Ave at Buchanan Street). The meeting starts at 7pm. Everyone is welcome; come learn what’s happening in our neighborhood!

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Johnson Street Exit Closing

As part of the I-35W / 4th Street ramp project, the exit from northbound I-35W will be temporarily closed, starting May 28. From the MNDOT project page:

May 28 through early June

  • The Johnson Street exit from northbound I-35W will close while crews construct a temporary bypass that will allow motorists to access Johnson Street. Motorists should use the New Brighton Boulevard/Stinson Boulevard exit during the temporary closure.

Sale of Hollywood Approved

The Hollywood Theatre building is another step closer to being purchased by Andrew Volna. The City Council on May 9th authorized the sale of the building for $1.00 to Volna’s company, Out of the Past Redevelopment. Volna’s company received the building for that amount due to the extensive amount of redevelopment which needs to be done to make the building functional once again.

The City’s authorization of the sale approved the terms which Out of the Past Redevelopment must meet. Over the next 22 months Out of the Past Redevelopment must rehabilitate the exterior and façade, which includes the Hollywood sign and marquee, as well as rehabilitate the lobby, reconstruct the ticket booth and to preserve historic elements in the auditorium and inner lobby of the building.

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ANA Community Meeting Minutes — February 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association Community Meeting
February 3, 2014
Meeting Minutes

Board members present: Kevin Kelly, Jeff Smyser, Jessica Kracl, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Sonja Peterson, Sean Koebele, Adam Sieve

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Board President, Kevin Kelly.

Agenda approved.

MNSure Community Outreach Liaison, Makeda Norris

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ANA Board Meeting Minutes — February 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association Board of Directors
February 3, 2014
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kevin Kelly, Jeff Smyser, Jessica Kracl, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Sonja Peterson, Sean Koebele

Meeting called to order by Kevin Kelly at 6:10 pm

Review of Agenda
Sonja Peterson requested to add discussion of Northeast Network to agenda. Added.
Jeff Smyser requested to add of discussion of strategic planning session. Added if time.
Nic Baker requested to add discussion of the Rain Garden program. Added.

Review and Approval of January 6 Meeting Minutes
Jeff Smyser moved to approve, Sonja Peterson seconded. Meeting minutes of January 6, 2014 were approved by unanimous vote.

Officer’s Reports
No President’s report.
No Vice President’s report.
No Secretary report.
Treasurer not present

You Can Influence City Bike & Ped Policy

Applications are now being accepted for open board positions on the Minneapolis Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee. The positions are appointed by the City Council and Mayor. Applications will be reviewed beginning April 25, 2013, but the positions are open until filled.

Pedestrian Advisory Committee
The Minneapolis Pedestrian Advisory Committee was created to advise the Mayor and City Council on policies, programs, and actions for improving pedestrian safety, mobility, accessibility, and comfort; for promoting walking for transportation, recreation, and health purposes; and for strengthening the linkage between the pedestrian environment and public transportation. The board is composed of members of the public and city and partner agency staff.

Grants for Home Lead Abatement Available

From ANA’s inbox:

The Sustainable Resources Center is a non-profit in NE Minneapolis that works to make homes safer for families. We specialize in healthy homes issues with a focus on preventing childhood lead poisoning. We’re currently partnering with Hennepin County to offer Lead Hazard Control grants to residence of Hennepin County. These grants are available to both homeowners and rental property owners and can cover all or much of the cost of the lead hazard control process, including the replacement of old windows with lead paint.

To qualify for these grants a household must:

  • Have a child under the age of 5 who lives in the home, a pregnant woman who lives in the home, or a child under the age of 5 who frequently lives in the home.
  • The home needs to be built before 1960.
  • The home must be located in Hennepin County.
  • And the household must meet the certain income requirements.

For complete info, contact SRC at 612-813-5529.

ANA Community Meeting Minutes — December 2013

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
Coffee Shop ne
December 2, 2013

The Meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m.

ANA Board Members present: Sonja Peterson, Don Sellers, Sean Koebele, Adam Sieve, Kevin Kelly, Jessica Kracl and Nic Baker.
Absent: Jeff Smyser and Justin Kwong.

The October 1, 2013 Community meeting minutes were moved by Sonja Peterson and seconded by Marty Schirber and approved unanimously.

Nic Baker: Solar powered motion detector program, Jessica will look into.

The board is going to hold a strategic planning session to work on developing ideas to further neighborhood goals. Hopefully the planning session will happen in January.

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