Audubon's Star Business "Holy Land" is Growing Globally

Majdi Wadi knows the secret to business success...It's all in the hummus. When his brother, Wajdi, first sold pita bread and hummus from a northeast Minneapolis storefront in 1987, "You said hummus and it was like you were talking Chinese," recalls Wadi, CEO and co-founder of Holy Land and the Holy Land Brand line of products.

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2 Years, 70 Foreclosures

In the two years since May 1st, 2006, Audubon Park has suffered 70 foreclosures. 62 of those were west of Johnson Street. There are approximately 2300 housing units in our neighborhood.

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Planning Student Wins Engagement Award

The University of Minnesota has named Adam Maleitzke an “Outstanding Partner in Engagement” for his work with the Audubon Park neighborhood. Maleitzke is a Graduate Student earning dual Masters Degrees in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. The award was presented as part of the U of M’s annual Public Engagement Day event.

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$97,500 Homebuyer Assistance Available

ANA has partnered with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust to provide up to $97,500 in assistance to help buyers make their home in Audubon. You may have seen our yellow yard signs at some of the eligible houses for sale.


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Worrisome Increase in Rental Property

Much of Audubon Park's rental housing is in poor condition. The StarTribune reports that a rise of single-family conversions to rental has government officials alarmed. The story quotes south side Councilmember Gary Schiff:

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“Office Hours” for 1st Ward Council Member Paul Ostrow

Talk with Paul individually about issues that concern you.

Monday, May 5th, 2008
ANA office 2848 Johnson St. NE

Please call Paul Ostrow's office to set up an appointment: 612-673-2201

ANA Surveys Latino Community

Over recent years it has appeared that our neighborhood's Latino population was growing significantly. Our newest neighbors seemed to be a "community-within-a-community", separate from traditional residents, and often living in substandard housing.

In the fall of 2007, ANA was awarded a U of M grant to investigate the growth in our neighborhood's Latino population and to identify housing needs as perceived by Latinos themselves. A team of graduate students from the U of M researched demographics, established contacts with leaders in the Latino community, and conducted interviews with Latino residents.

The student team discovered Audubon's Latino population has in fact grown, and the housing issues Latino face include some unique to recent immigrants, and some common to all.

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Holy Land Expanding into Former Sully's Building

The City of Minneapolis recently approved plans for the renovation of the existing Holy Land Deli and Grocery (2513 and 2517 Central Avenue NE) and it’s expansion into the former Sully’s Building (2519 Central Avenue NE). Madji Wadi, CEO of Holy Land Brand, purchased the former Sully’s Building not only because he saw an opportunity to expand but also to mitigate the negative impact the former Sully’s had on his business and the image of Central Avenue in general.

Designed by DJR Architecture, the renovation plans call for a larger grocery area, including an expanded ethnic food selection. A brand new hummus production area allows customers to see Holy Land’s famous hummus being made and packaged. “The visual connection to the hummus production area is intended to be somewhat theatrical”, explains Dean Dovolis with DJR Architecture, “but it is also designed as a safety mechanism, an effective way to provide eyes on the street.”

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