Proposals Received for Hollywood Theater Reuse

The City of Minneapolis has received proposals from three different parties interested in rehabilitating the Hollywood Theater building. The City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in June for reuse of the vacant theater building and adjacent vacant property. Proposals were due July 31. The goal of the RFP was to renovate the existing structure to accommodate a viable commercial use while preserving the character-defining features of the building. If RFP respondents proposed a use other than a theater, the RFP required that proposed improvements be reversible, to preserve an option for the structure to operate as a theater in the future, if such an option were to arise. While the vacant lot north of the theater is included in the development package, the vacant land across Johnson Street from the theater is not.

In preparation for the RFP, the City acquired and cleared the property north of the theater, got approval from the city Heritage Preservation Commission of a framework to guide the renovation of the historic building, and made some staging improvements such as cleaning and removing some seats.

City staff, in consultation with a task force of residents and business owners that was formed two years ago, will review the three development proposals in the coming weeks. Evaluation criteria include the project's financial feasibility, the developer's track record, the project's contribution to the Johnson Street business district's vitality, and historic preservation considerations.

If one of the respondents meets these criteria, it is expected that the selected development team would present to the Audubon community within the coming months. Please visit ANA's website periodically for the latest news on the Hollywood.

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