Ideals We Share

The people of Audubon Park are lucky. We enjoy many gifts. While soul-starved subdivisions sprawl into farmland, we get to live someplace real. Audubon Park is a traditional neighborhood. The place we call home has a richness that cannot be replicated in chain-store strip malls and gaping garage door architecture. Our neighborhood is filled with houses of every age and character. And those houses are filled with characters of every age and background. Here, we know our neighbors. Some are the descendants of generations who lived in, and built, the city we love. Others arrived only yesterday, full of hope and promise. Together we help one another toward our dreams. Dreams come easier in Audubon Park. We sit atop a hill that extends our horizon and gives us inspiring skyline views. The buildings in that skyline, with all the commerce and culture at the hub of the Midwest, are but a handful of minutes from our door by car, bike or transit. Just as close stands the University of Minnesota. Audubon Park is a perfect spot for students, staff and faculty who seek easy access without the challenges of living too near the campus. As residents of an authentic urban neighborhood, the people of Audubon Park are constantly reminded of the history that made this place. We are the seventh generation. Our stewardship today will be received as a gift tomorrow. We do not take that lightly. The Audubon Park neighborhood works to pay our gifts forward. Our passion is shown through shared ideals of sustainability, livability, mobility, and engagement.

Tread Lightly

Our neighborhood is named for the great American naturalist, John J. Audubon, who wrote, “A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.” We recognize our lives have an impact. That impact need not be negative. We find natural beauty in the urban environment and we nourish it. Our yards are home to birds and flowers. These natural elements sustain us while we work to reduce our footprint on the planet.

Expand Horizons

Audubon Park’s architecture follows an urban pattern on a human scale. We have walkable blocks and places worth walking to. With quick access to downtown by street, trail and transit, you can live, and live well, without a car. Yet, our neighborhood does not punish those who drive. Our central location within the Twin Cities puts nearly everywhere within easy reach. Should your work location change, you can comfortably keep your home. Mobility is more than physical. It also means moving up to a better life. Here, housing is affordable. The community supports local business. Audubon Park offers a stable perch for those working to soar.

Protect the Nest

It can be hard to think globally when suffering at home. We also think locally, about our impact on each other. The people of Audubon Park respect one another: our personal dignity, our cultural identities, and our property. We persistently work to earn this respect by showing the same respect toward all members of our community. Everyone deserves a safe and peaceful community. Each of us shares a duty to help maintain order. We are vigilant because we live here.

Create Partnership

Part of Audubon Park’s traditional neighborhood character is the connectedness of our community. We are friendly to each other, and regard strangers as friends we haven’t met before. We are a family of families, a village within a city. Our sense of kinship compels us to work together toward making our neighborhood an even better home. We have a vibrant neighborhood association. Volunteers are active in preservation, restoration, and development. Citizen safety patrols help protect our homes while communities of faith inspire our spirit. The people of Audubon Park are not passive. We forge partnerships amongst ourselves and beyond our borders. We put our ideals in action. Close to downtown’s bustle, far from suburban monotony, A place for families, a home for generations, A community honoring its past while creating its future, Where living is affordable and dreams within reach A Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood at the heart of the upper Eastside

Community Assets

  • Home to Holy Land Restaurant & Deli, the Eastside Food Co-op, and award-winning Johnson Street merchants— Hazel’s, Parkway Pizza NE, the Coffee Shop ne, Rewind, and Crafty Planet.
  • In the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District
  • On the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway
  • Part of Central Avenue’s multi-cultural restaurant and retail scene
  • Minutes to downtown, Quarry shopping and suburban malls
  • Easy access to U of M campus
  • (St. Paul, and St. Thomas, too!)
  • Near popular Columbia off-leash dog park
  • Golf nearby at Gross or Columbia
  • Sound housing stock at every price point
  • Salvation Army’s King Community Center offering full gym and deluxe indoor playground
  • Home to Northeast Middle School, offering International Baccalaureate education
  • Forward-thinking and energized volunteer neighborhood association


Explore Audubon Park

GETTING TO AUDUBON I-35W, north onto to Johnson St I-694 to Central, then south Ramsey County C, west to 29th Av NE Metro Transit routes 4, 10, 32, 118, 141, or 829

An authentic city neighborhood

Check out our unique shops. Try something new at one of our acclaimed restaurants. Walk up—and down—our hills. Bring the dog and the kids. Be a part of the Audubon Park experience., our virtual home, has business links and many other resources. Read about the activities of our volunteers and our plans for the future. Subscribe there to our monthly e-newsletter so you don’t miss a thing. Audubon Park welcomes you! © 2008 Mark Fox. Used by Permission.