The Coffee Shop Northeast to Expand


by Mason Sullivan

The Coffee Shop Northeast will celebrate its two-year anniversary on July 1. During its first two years, business has been good. One of their toughest challenges has been that, on occasion, there has not been enough seating when a large number of customers who wish to order beverages and food “for here.”

By the end of July, that problem will be remedied.

An expansion is underway that will more than double the shop’s square footage and increase its seating capacity to around 57 (It currently seats 27). That’s good news for customers who head to the neighborhood establishment with visions of enjoying their goodies in-house.

The added space was made available by the departure of neighboring audio rental and repair shop EMI. The Coffee Shop will not take over the entire former EMI space, but will expand backward toward the alley.

A walkway will connect the current space to the new space, resulting in a versatile back room that will offer additional seating and can also be used for events, such as live music, art openings, poetry readings, and private parties.

“We’re excited that we were given this opportunity because the community has been great and coming to the shop and filling up our seats,” Rich Horton, one of the shop’s four owners, said.

Horton says that they have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the shop’s food, and that the expansion will allow them to upgrade their menu. He adds that while nothing has been finalized, possible new food items include additional sandwich options and waffles.

The interior design of the new space will reflect the creativity of The Coffee Shop quad-owners: Horton;, his wife, Jenni; sister-in-law, Jodi; and Jodi’s partner, April. Horton says they plan to increase their displays of for-sale artwork by local artists and hints that there will be a couple design touches that he thinks guests will find appealing.

Plans for an event to celebrate the expansion are in the works. The shop’s coffee supplier, B&W (also a Northeast company), will likely host a coffee-tasting event, and other activities will take place to showcase the new space. For updates on the event and construction, keep your eye on the shop’s website ( or “like” them on Facebook (

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