A Bag Lady Opens on Johnson Street

By Terza Kurki

A passion for unusual purses and fun jewelry was exactly the reason Dani McNutt opened up her newest boutique, A Bag Lady. Although Dani has another boutique, located in Northfield, Minnesota, i ties with a college friend in NE and the community’s energy gave her the inspiration to set up shop in the revamped Laundromat location.

Growing up on a turkey farm outside of Hastings, Minnesota, Dani learned the meaning of a hard work ethic. Her mother taught her to think on her own and would often turn Dani’s questions back to her with a ‘what if’ or a ‘how do you think you should go about it? At a young age, Dani and her sister, Louise, became part of a 4-H group. This experience taught them some prized sewing skills, the results of which can be found in her shop. Dani and her sister initially began creating beautifully crafted sweaters and vests from items found in flea markets. They made one-of-a-kind items and shopped for handbags, jewelry, and shoes, Dani quickly found her inventory rapidly accumulating. There was a pressing need to market these items to others, so she started her business at home. Her business included holding purse and jewelry parties for her friends and family.

As a flight attendant, Dani’s travels have taken her across the states and throughout the world for the past 20 years. While traveling, she spends her downtime doing the obvious – shopping for unusual handbags!  She seeks out such unique items as jewelry, clothing, and some home décor items. A typical shopping day involves the basic hunt-and-peck technique when seeking out her inventory. The usual items range from anything that sparkles or reminds her of when she would go through her Grandma’s jewelry box.

Most often, Dani finds the exclusive items stocked in her boutiques in accessory markets located worldwide. Once she finds an item, she orders multiples to supply her shops.

In addition to flying around the world and running two boutiques Dani has a family. Her husband, Mace, is an underwriter for Wells Fargo. They have two college-age sons; one attends the University of Minnesota and the other works at Fed Ex in Roseville.

Dani has a very zippy style. She is cutting-edge, as reflected in the items in her shop. Her goal in opening the shops was to create a place where people feel welcome and to put a smile on their faces. When asked about the pros and cons to having her own business Dani’s response was quick, “I love to see people having fun.” 

Most definitely a “girlfriends’ shop,” A Bag Lady is filled from top to bottom with many interesting things to look at so  plan on spending some time in the boutique. And I strongly encourage you to leave the guys at home! 

A Bag Lady                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2856  Johnson Street NE                                                                                                                                                                                                507-412-9695

Store Hours:  Mon-Sat10 am – 7 pm;  Sun 10 am – 3:pm.

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