Audubon Farmers’ Market

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Visit the Audubon Farmers' Market every Thursday, 4–7pm, on Johnson Street at 27th Ave. through September 24, 2015. ANA, in partnership with Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, hosts the weekly market as part of the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative. Become a fan of the Audubon Farmers' Market on Facebook.

Meet our Farmers

Farmer with table full of fresh produceVendor: Xong Her
Farm location: Afton, MN
Distance from Market to Farm: 25 miles
Products sold: seasonal fruit, jam, herbs, many vegetables


Farmer with tables full of produceVendor: Chongsue Chang
Farm location: Stillwater, MN
Distance from Market to Farm: 26 miles
Products sold: seasonal fruit, herbs, many vegetables, flower bouquets

Come enjoy the fruits of our vendors’ labor now until September 24, 2015!

A BIG thanks to the Northeast Farmers Market for supporting, partnering, and bringing EBT & credit/debit transactions to our Audubon Farmers Market. You can find the NEFM on University Avenue NE and 7th Avenue NE May 30th–October 24th, Saturdays from 9am–1pm. More information can be found on their website:

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