Attention Audubon Homeowners—Participate in the “Neighborhood of Rain Gardens” Program for a Chance to Receive a Free Rain Garden

Rain gardens are beautiful – and environmentally significant – landscaping features that are gaining popularity. ANA is partnering with Metro Blooms to educate Audubon homeowners about the benefits and beauty of rain gardens. Audubon homeowners and property owners are now eligible to participate in a neighborhood rain garden program to manage stormwater runoff in the Mississippi River watershed.

Up to 15 properties in Audubon Park will be selected to receive a free rain garden, including significant help with construction and installation. Interested homeowners and property owners can call metro Blooms at 651-699-2426 to register for an on-site consultation with a landscape design assistant. The consultation includes assistance with identifying stormwater conditions on your property, taking measurements, determining the size of your raingarden, and selecting plants. Because ANA will cover 50% of the consultation cost for the first 50 registrants, the cost to homeowners will be only $25. After the first 50 registrants, the cost to homeowners will be $50. Up to 15 of the homeowners who receive consultations will be selected to have a rain garden constructed on their property in Spring 2011.

What is a rain garden?
A rain garden is simply a garden with depressions, designed to catch rainwater runoff. It is filled with plants that tolerate occasional flooding. They provide beautiful landscaping and wildlife habitat. And, by soaking up rain, they slow runoff, help prevent erosion and remove pollutants in the process.

How will sites be selected?
Any Audubon homeowner or property owner is eligible to register for an on-site consultation (cost is $25 for the first 50 registrants). Of the homeowners receiving consultations, up to 15 will be selected for rain garden installation, based on extent of the stormwater benefit and visibility. In the event that rain garden construction would have a similar impact on several properties, a random drawing will determine the final selection.

What will I get if I am selected?
Selected properties will receive:

  1. A stormwater management plan and customized rain garden design;
  2. Training on maintaining their rain garden at two rain garden workshops sponsored by Metro Blooms and ANA;
  3. Free rain garden installation – including excavation and soil amendment and preparation;
  4. Native plants custom-selected for their site; and
  5. A free garden sign (at owner’s option.

What is expected of me if I’m selected?
Selected homeowners and property owners will be expected to:

  1. Attend a two two-hour rain garden workshop in Spring 2011 sponsored by Metro Blooms and ANA.
  2. Work with a Metro Blooms landscape assistant staff to site and design their rain garden.
  3. Participate in site preparation and planting their rain garden.
  4. Commit to maintaining their rain garden in a manner that is consistent with the neighborhood and surrounding landscaping

When will the rain gardens be built?
Landscape design assistants will work with homeowners through the Spring 2011 to determine location and design for each rain garden. Installation is scheduled for approximately May 2011.

Learn more about rain gardens and about Metro Blooms rain garden workshops at these sites:

To participate in the Neighborhood of Rain Gardens project and register for a consultation, please contact Metro Blooms at 651-699-2426. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact ANA at 612-788-8790 or

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