ANA Community Meeting Minutes — August 2016

ANA Community Meeting

Call to order: 7 pm

Motion to approve agenda: at 7 pm

June minutes are not available

Hollywood theater update: Meghan Elliott and Andrew Volna: the lights and the marquee are working again, they are nearing the end of the first phase, improvements that were mandated by the city, rerouted rain leaders, roof drains flow into storm sewer, rebuild chimney, tuck-pointed the front of the building, original limestone has been replaced, chimney, the original marquee and lights have been on, sign board under marquee has been cleaned and restored, backlit with LED, animation is going on the marquee, ticket booth has been rebuilt, waiting for the counter top and glass to go in, poster cases are being worked on, scraped down to original to see what it was, black and silver as it was originally, the projection booth windows, new doors out front, all of the green tiles have been cleaned and repaired.

Line-up of tenants in running an events center in the building, they’ve worked out everything with the city is the things that have said they would do, the next phrase of work is tuck point 100% of the building through their contractor, take through the end of the summer, the shell of the building will be tight, keep working on the roof.

400 people would work in the area, stage is still there, it would be an event space—corporate events, weddings, conferences, etc. They are at a critical juncture, there are things they need in order to move forward, air conditioning is different for an office vs. event center, there are big differences between the two areas, they need to figure out how to move forward, establish how things are going to work.

Is there any sort of a dialogue for comments or ideas either on a website or a Facebook page? Where are the sticking points going to be? Maybe need to form a Hollywood theater task force again to funnel information and input about what’s going on? Talk to Johnson Street merchants about what’s going on. Get interested stakeholders on a committee as soon as possible, put something out in this agenda and minutes, small meeting, assemble a group, we can facilitate a conversation with the Johnson Street merchants to set up a working group,

We’re looking at what the end use is; go to the Chamber to get business input,

Next meeting will be Hollywood theater focused, to get informational; September 12th will be the next meeting potentially? They are going to double check if it works with them…

Motion to adjourn: Marty moved, second adjourn at 7:35

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