ANA Community Meeting Minutes — April 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Egan

Approve Agenda, Marty moved at 7:02, so moved

Terri talked about Raingarden program, Metro Blooms Rain Garden program, $50 deposit,

New home loan program, 2-3% interest 20K for remodeling projects, emergency loan program will be promoted on Facebook and on the ANA website

TurboTim’s is putting in rain garden, MWMO gave them a grant, there will be an install in June

Metro Blooms is doing a workshop at Audubon Park in April

Keven Reich Ward One update
We have an opportunity to do complete project ready to go, allowing the education component to kick in as well

Don can give some background on the project, the idea is inspired by what Holland did at Edison high school—rain gardens, etc. , looked at parking lot by NEMS, chain link fence, the entire thing didn’t look good, looked at value of supporting a public school

Formally informed community that we are Moving $10k from commercial property improvement fund to the parks and environment investment fund

City is excited about the project, people might be more inclined to send their children there rather than St. Anthony

Developing project in coming weeks, bidding process, MOA with school, agreement with MWMO, if things progress, project could get going this summer

Liz Wielinski update from MPRB, about funding gaps

Big Waters Classic Bike Race presentation by Jason Lardy

three day event, Nordeast Grind, 8-4 pm on July 23rd, streets are closed during the time frame, people who live on race route would find out , try to be as good of neighbors as we they can, work closely with MPD

WingDing Update from Lindsey Hitt, more communications, on website, etc. ANA is sponsoring a plant swap, dig up what you want, bring it to WingDing

looking for volunteers for the event, set up take down, etc. music, soccer and sports clinic will be there as well

Space update by Egan we are leasing the north half of the Castle Space

Nic Baker brought up that he thinks that there should have been communication about the space

Any old or new business

We have a spot open on the board, 10-15 hours per month, trying to get more people involved

Housing Committee meeting is May 10th at Office Space

Motion to adjourn, so moved by Nic, all in favor meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm

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