ANA Board Meeting Minutes — September 2016

Audubon Neighborhood Association Minutes
September 12, 2016

In attendance: Egan Haugesag, Lindsey Haugesag, Adam Sieve, Naomi Golden, Luke Stultz, Terri Harder, Don Sellers

Guests: Michael S. Wilson, Jack Whitehurst

Call to order: Egan called to order 7:08 pm

Michael S. Wilson has been working with us on the audit for our Audubon Neighborhood Association.

Notice what we’ve been doing, make a few recommendations moving forward, kept organizations in line, it’s worthwhile to have audits to make sure we stay on course. Audubon popped up; Mike was asked to look at governance how organization processes transactions.

-turn over with 2 board members, someone moved out of town, someone was voted off board

Ask contractors to provide proof of workman’s comp

Jack Whitehurst: neighborhood support specialist

Introduce himself; replacing Michelle, who replaced Carrie, he maintains the city-wide information system

City-wide survey of boards in September, can either complete in person or there’s an online Survey Monkey that people can also complete

Motion Terri, Naomi second all in favor to accept the Audit Report, Accept and file

Approve August 2016 minutes: Terri to approve, Lindsey seconded

Action Item: 2015 CPP Annual Report

Staff Report: Smart Stop, hour differential, it’s going to the city, board is ok with it other part of it was that they will have that you can get gas all night long, pay at the pump 24 hours, round the clock pumping, is there any issues with this? Everything is line, are we ok with the hours and can we leave it at that?

Alcohol applications: only one hearing before a license be granted rather than two

2744 Taylor Street NE there’s a vacant lot, it’s only 3300 square feet for the lot, and we should probably talk to the neighbors that are in immediate proximity. Neighbors concerns trump neighborhood approval, when was a mailing sent out to the neighbors with information. Terri will look into sending a letter to the immediate neighbors. Move to table this item.

Hollywood Theater has their meeting on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 with the city of Minneapolis, it’s a public hearing

Are they asking for a variance? Yes. They are asking to use it as something other than a theater. Is it just the change of use? Trying to figure out if people will actually know what the change is about.

MOU for NEMS project, essentially we are on the hook for construction, construction period, etc.

Sign off on MOU, are we comfortable having Egan sign off on it, the language has been updated. MOU, Professional Service Agreements

Don said construction is slated for next Monday; discussion ensued over future projects at NEMS

Adjourn: 8:24 pm