ANA Board Meeting Minutes — September 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting

September 14, 2015

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Rachel Bode; Office Manager Luke Stultz

Meeting Called to Order at 7:06 PM

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. ReviewofAgenda
Nic moved to approve and Sonja seconded. Agenda approved by unanimous vote.

III. Approval of August Minutes
Nic noted minor grammatical changes to the minutes. Rachel moved to approve. Don seconded. Minutes passed by unanimous vote

IV. Financial update YTD
80 dollars were spent for National Night Out.

VI. Committee creation
Action Item: Create a Housing Committee
Rachel created a framework for the Housing Committee that was reviewed and discussed by the board. Terri has volunteered to Chair the committee. The meeting time for this committee is TBD. Other details of the Housing Committee were included in this month’s board packet.

Action Item: Create a Youth/School Committee
Don is the chair for the Youth/School Committee. Nic and Sonja are also members and Eagan has decided to participate via email.

There was discussion of Outreach and Community Communication Committee.

Terri moved to create a Housing and Youth/School Committee. Rachel seconded. Both committees were created by unanimous vote.

VII. Housing Committee
Action Item: Revolving Loan Program
Robust discussion of the Revolving Loan Program occurred and the following criteria were voted upon:

  • Loan Pool: $200,000
  • Maximum loan amount per household: $20,000
  • Maximum term: 1 year per thousand dollars up to 15 years
  • Debt to income ratio: 50%
  • Loan to value: 110%

Rachel moved to approve the above criteria for the Revolving Loan Program and Don seconded.
The criteria passed unanimously.

Action Item: Emergency Repair Deferred Loan Program
Robust discussion of the Emergency Repair Deferred Loan Program occurred and the following criteria were voted upon:

  • Loan Pool: $50,000
  • Maximum loan amount per household: $10,000
  • Loan to value: 110%

Sonja moved to approve the above criteria and Terri seconded for the Emergency Repair deferred Loan Program. The criteria passed unanimously.

VIII. Youth/School Committee
Don gave a brief update of the changing faces and representatives involved in the project. It ap- pears MPS will have a limited role in early elements of the process. The contract has been com- pleted and signed. Things are looking good.

Action Item: Neighborhood Priority Plan
Rachel moved to pass the NPP for the NEMS Project and Don seconded. The NPP passed with unanimous vote.

IV. Staff Report
Action Item: Bylaws Revision
Sonja recommended that Section 4.4 be included in the bylaw revision.
Rachel moved to adopt the proposed revisions along with the proposal to keep Section 4.4 into the bylaws and Don seconded. The board passed all board revisions unanimously.

Action Item: Turbo Tim’s MWMO Grant
Sonja moved that we support Turbo Tim’s MWMO grant. Don seconded. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Action Item: Board Priorities Checklist
Rachel suggested we take this Action Item home as “homework.” Item has been tabled to email.

Annual Meeting Plan
Luke suggested we should do some fundraising for the annual meeting and the board members will each provide a basket. We also discussed making the annual meeting more of an “annualparty” and that we really wanted the social/community making. Sonja has come connections for music and entertainment and will pursue those folks. Adam recommended asking for beer donations and Luke will talk to the park staff. Sonja asked if we need childcare and Luke strongly suggested we do it. Luke will check into childcare options. Luke will also look into whether elected officials, local business/groups etc. would like tables at the meeting. All board members will also be asked to bring at least 5 neighbors/friends to the annual meeting.

Staff Report
Luke closed the old Pay Pal account and started the new one with appropriate credentials.
Give to the Max day is coming up and we might want to participate. Email Luke with ideas.
Luke upgraded QuickBooks.
Luke upgraded information with the Secretary of State and fixed issues
Luke gave Adam email votes to add to the minutes.

VIII. Old/New/Adjourn
Luke’s review is planned for September 21st—it’s decided to table until a job description is completed.

Sonja met the chair of the Sheridan neighborhood and they’re doing a Renter’s Rights Program at Edison High School on September 29th from 6-8PM. There is some uncertainly about the event and it’s publication. Luke will follow up.

IX. Email votes etc.
The following conversations occurred via email and are documented below:

Hello, ANA Board Members:

The Youth/Schools Committee has been working hard on the NE Middle School Green Initiative project over the last couple of weeks. We are in the process of drafting a contract with the Civil Site Group, whom we have chosen to hire for the design of the NEMS parking lot and for holding the workshops with the students.

We've got an initial draft of the contract with CSG, but we need legal assistance from an attorney who practices in the construction area to advise us on some of the terms of the contract.

Under our agreement with MWMO, we should have had the contract with CSG done in July, so we are behind and need to get some assistance on this ASAP.

There is a pro bono legal service for non-profits run by the Hennepin County Bar Association that I've used with other non-profit groups - with great results. It's called "LegalCORPS". Here's a link to it:

It would only cost us $50 for a LegalCORPS attorney to represent us, and the $50 fee needs to be sent in with the application.

So, I move that the ANA approve submitting an application for an attorney through LegalCORPS and pay the $50 fee.

Do I have a second?? If so, please vote on this by tomorrow so if it passes I can get the application in on Friday.

Thanks much,

The motion passed by unanimous vote.

Board Members-

Back in March we discussed helping pay for a foosball table at Audubon Park, but we did not put a dollar amount on it. Mitch has narrowed it down to a couple different types and asked if we still are able to pay for half the cost. We do have just over $7,600 in the strategy for this type of support. I spoke with Egan and he asked that I send out an ask for an e-vote, so here it is. Could someone propose the following motion, second, and everyone vote on it?

Motion: To pay for 50% of the cost of a new foosball table for Audubon Park, with ANA’s contribution not exceeding $500.

Please reply all so that we have a clear record of the votes.

The motion passed by unanimous vote.

X. Adjourn
Motion to adjourn at 9:00 PM by Don. Terri seconded. Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote.