ANA Board Meeting Minutes — November 2015

ANA Board Meeting
November 2, 2015

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Don Sellers, Rachel Bode, Naomi Rask, Lindsey Hitt, Marie Harvat; Office Manager Luke Stultz

I. Call to Order and Introductions
A. Meeting called to order at 7:07 PM by Egan Haugesag

II. ApproveAgenda
A. Two items added to New Business

B. Terri moved to approve. Rachel seconded. Approved by unanimous vote.

III. Approve September Minutes

A. Sonja moved to approve. Terri seconded. Approved by unanimous vote. 

IV. Approve October Minutes

A. Marie moved to approve. Sonja seconded. Approved by unanimous vote.

V. Board Officer Elections 

A. Sonja moved election of the slate. Don seconded. The slate passed by unanimous vote:

  1. Egan Haugesag—President 

  2. Sonja Peterson—Vice President 

  3. Adam Sieve—Secretary 

  4. Marie Harvat—Treasurer

VI. NEMS Update
A. Don provided a background of the project for new board members. 

B. A survey was conducted on 11-2-15 and the students were going to be involved. On Thursday they will 
conduct some soil sampling and data collecting. After the info is gathered they will hold a brainstorming session for rainwater collection strategies. Don thinks the project will be wrapped up by the end of the semester.

C. A Committee meeting happened last week at The Coffee Shop NE with Nic and Sonja. It seems as though we don’t have a major role left in the project except for providing big picture brainstorming on behalf of the neighborhood. They will continue to work on big ideas and maybe even start talking about how Phase 2 might look from the neighborhood perspective.

D. Sonja added that an organization called Legal Corps has referred an attorney (Steven Sabo) to us for future issues related to this project. 

E. Luke was concerned that we did not advertise the committee meeting and suggested we try to reach out to stakeholders in the future. He explained meeting times should be posted on the website and that we need to discuss whether we take minutes. Luke expressed that he feels he hasn’t been heard about the timelines and scope of the grant application process and the project as a whole. Sonja disagreed with Luke’s opinion and suggested that he hasn’t been willing to move forward and that many conversations have occurred. Egan asked that we all try to reach common ground on process and that we try to learn together. Luke has requested that all email get CC’d to the office email address.

VII. Organizational Update/Staff Report

A. Luke distributed action items for the board for outstanding items for 2015.

VIII. Old Business/New Business/Adjourn
A. Meeting Time
1. We discussed having the Community Meeting at 7:30 PM and Egan wanted to open that discussion. Adam suggested ramping up email communication throughout the month so that we can be more focused during a shorter meeting. The item was tabled for the next few months.

B. Egan reminded us to have guest speakers fill out forms if they want to come to a board meeting. 

C. Nic Baker asked if we could have a speaker about climate change. 

D. 29th & Johnson Intersection/Intersections in General—Adam will reach out to Lisa Brock at Kevin 
Reich’s office 

E. Total money raised at annual board meeting via the Gift Baskets was $350 

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 PM by Rachel. Marie seconded. Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote.