ANA Board Meeting Minutes — May 2016

In attendance: Board members: Lindsey Hitt, Sonja Peterson, Naomi Golden, Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Don Sellers, Adam, Bill Sauerwein, Luke Stultz Guest: Michelle Chavez

Call to order at 7:05 by Egan Haugesag

Approve Agenda, Adam moved approval, Naomi 2nd

Approve April Minutes
Sonja move approval, Bill second

Secretary Election
Sonja moved, all in favor

NEMS update from Don

Couple of action items

  • First is in regards to completing payment with civil site group, we’ve approved, but it’s taking awhile to work its way through the city.

    Motion to approve money out of implementation contract to pay for NEMS Civil Site Group, $6287.10 to move C-25317 Phase II Implementation.

    We are taking an advance from Phase II Implementation from C-25135 to pay for work that the Civil site Group

  • Next, is to come up with budget, approving move $10,000 into parks and environment strategy, motion to ANA will move $10,000 in uncontracted fund from NRP Phase II Commercial Improvement fund strategy 1.A.1 to the NRP Phase II Parks and Environment Fund Strategy bring the total sum to that strategy to $41, 623.57 and to add that $41, 623.57 to the existing NEMS contract via a contract amendment done by the city.

    Don moved, Terri second, all approved

CPP Annual Report

Everyone will work on their comments, ideas, etc.

WingDing Update

  • Still looking for volunteers
  • Final details are being worked out

Financial Update

Staff Report

  • Update on the Farmers Market
    • Talking about renting a port a potty, figuring out details about who is going to run the market this year
    • Awning for new building, going through another round of design modfications before we make a final decision
  • Criteria for upgrading the parks

Communications Policy

  • Merging two Facebook pages
  • All messages should come from ANA office
  • Working group to talk about communications? Tabled communications policy for now.
  • Discuss communications at next meeting, possibly forming a committee
  • Discuss Twin Spirits Distillery, hearing tomorrow

Action Item

Remove Sonja Peterson from the Board by Bill Sauerwein, Terri second
Discussion ensued
All in favor: Bill, Lindsey, Terri, Egan, Adam, Naomi
Don votes no, Sonja votes no

Motion to adjourn, Bill, Second Lindsey, all in favor meeting adjourned at 8:34pm