ANA Board Meeting Minutes — March 2016

Call to order: 7:06 PM

Chad Dipman-Habitat for Humanity
AIA Design Ideas
Here to present ideas about the space at 2800 Johnson

It’s C1 Zoning—3 stories allowed with a partial 4th floor on the design presented—would require a conditional use permit to achieve the drawing presented.

Goals for the space

  • Welcome large families with children
  • Enhance neighborhood
  • Construct economically
  • Design sustainably
  • Maximize unit count and density
  • Expand neighborhood commercial node
  • Showing underground parking—49 generous width spots
  • Showing 31 units of different size—1-4 bedroom
  • 1700 square feet for the 4 bedroom
  • 1300 square feet for the 3
  • 1000 square feet for the 2
  • 700 square feet for the 1
  • Looking into solar panels for the roof

The homeowners on Johnson are not interested in selling and not interested in hearing about the plan
Sam at the Easy Way is interested in selling and potentially renting space in the new building

Andrew Volna and the Hollywood working group have not seen all of the plans yet

The next steps are talking to NEIC, talk to the Johnson Street Merchants, figure out new market tax credits, sell the idea more internally and to the board at Habitat.

Bill suggested in the past there was more opposition to what happened at the Hollywood than the lot across the street in the past; perhaps the neighborhood has changed in a way that there will be more interest in developing the lot

Approve Agenda

Adam motioned to approve the agenda, Don seconded, and the agenda approved with unanimous vote.

Approve February Minutes

Tabled to next month
Finance Committee Report
Luke gave some explanation of the last committee meeting. Detailed notes were included in the board packet.

SPYE Committee Report
They spent time formalizing the draft budget.
Don presented the work to the group and Luke clarified that the info has been sent to the city.
We need to vote on the allocation of $7,377 of NRP funds for the first phase.
The committee brought the motion of contracting the $7,377 for the first phase and Don seconded. The board voted unanimously in approving the contracting of $7,377 of NRP funds for phase one of the the NEMS project.
We find out March 8th if we receive the grant for the project. Don feels strongly that we will get it.
Egan had some input about the Base Plan for shrubbery, trees, etc. and asked for more details and clarifications about the different responsibilities within the specific site plan for the project—ie: parking lots and enhanced landscaping

Housing Committee Update
Went over the loan program we’re launching April 4th
They’ll have info on the emergency and remodeling programs
They also discussed the Rain Garden program
We paid more this year because it was a 3 year contract
Sonja noted we need to get an extension on our contract with the city
Sonja suggested we have info on the Rain Garden at the Wing Ding
Turbo Tim’s will be an education site for these projects
The renter’s clinic is March 19th at Claire Housing
It’s a renter’s rights clinic
Luke receive word about 2953 Pierce Street—someone looking to build a single family home

Personnel Committee Update
Executive committee went through all the materials included int he board packet
Many of the materials were taken from previous material or adapted from other professional non-profit handbooks.
Sonja asked for suggestions and edits in addition to the work of the Executive Committee
Sonja introduced the name change to Luke’s position to “Neighborhood Administrator”
Sonja moved to approve performance review and Luke’s job description and Don seconded.
During discussion Luke pointed out that the description is very “duty” focussed. He felt like it was slightly vague and not specific about how much is asked for the role—how much work can we give him that’s not included in the job description. What can he say “no” to? What boundaries does he have to work outside the job description.
Sonja tabled the motion to approve all three in light of Luke’s desire to revise elements of his job description.
Sonja moved to approve the performance review and personnel policy handbook and Bill seconded. The board approve the documents with a unanimous vote.
Luke will draft edits to his description, bring them to the Executive Committee, and we will re-vote at the next board meeting.

Board Member Job Descriptions

Terri moved to approve the Board Job descriptions and Bill seconded. Sonja suggested the “hours” might scare people off. The board agreed to amend the Board Terms to amend the expected hours to “10-20 hours per month”. The description passed with unanimous vote contingent on the amendment.

Staff Report
Luke will meet with Loren from Castle on March 8th for a walkthrough.
We will begin the move ASAP
Luke will meet with GA staff to make sure we don’t take any equipment or furniture that belongs to them
Sonja might have a conference table we can use

Big Waters Classic Bike Races
July 23rd in Northeast
A rep will come to the April community meeting

We did not have a financial statement this month

Don motioned to adjourn, Terri seconded, and the board voted unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 PM.