ANA Board Meeting Minutes — July 2016

Audubon Neighborhood Association Minutes
July 11, 2016

In attendance: Egan Haugesag, Luke Stultz, Naomi Golden, Don Sellers, Beth Cauwels, Terri Harder

Call to order at 7:07

Approve Agenda, everyone approved

Action Item: Treasurer Election, Terri Harder nomination, Don seconded, everyone approved

Audit Update: meeting with Mike Wilson on 7/12/16, they will be looking at a snapshot of the records from previous years, it’s randomly chosen piece of time, should take 2-3 months

Financial Update from Don: everything is right where it is supposed to be

Luke said we are switching to ADP for payroll, it will save us over $1000 per year

Schools, Parks, and Youth Committee update from Don: Becky from the farmers market would like to have a backpack fundraiser,

Working on the contract with MPS for the NEMS project, still working on the language for the contract, they are working on bids for the project. He’s been in touch with the principal Vernon Rowe who said that there have been a lot of people talking about maintenance people are interested in helping clean up. There are a few other raingardens on school properties already, so there’s already a precedent on how they work. Don thinks the project will still happen this summer, Egan has heard from a number of people that are excited and looking forward to the project.

Housing Committee update: there’s a couple that wants to build a single family home on 2632 Polk, Housing committee meeting is on the website, next housing committee meeting will be held on August 9, 2016 at 6:30 pm at the Audubon office.

Loan program, there’s been applications but haven’t heard anything about loans being approved yet

Rain gardens are in process

Farmers market is rocking, 4 main vendors, 3 more vendors pending, another one interested, not going to apply for the larger license yet, want to see how things go

Egan wanted to talk about the bike ride in July, business owners were not consulted, people are upset that it is the busy day of the week. People feel that they were told what would happen rather than asked for permission,

Awnings are up and look great.

New Business: velodrome, dirt bike at Shoreham Yards, open house at Golf Course on Thursday

Open House: inviting other neighborhood organizations, middle to late August

National Night is first Tuesday in August

Motion to adjourn: Lindsey montioned, Terri seconded