ANA Board Meeting Minutes — January 2016

Board Meeting
January 4, 2016
Gustavus Adolphus Community Room

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Don Sellers, Naomi Rask, Lindsey Hitt, Marie Harvat; Office Manager Luke Stultz

Call to Order and Introduction
Meeting called to order at 7:34 PM by Egan.

Approve agenda
Sonja moved to approve and Marie seconded. Agenda approved by unanimous vote.

Approve December 2015 Meeting Minutes
Tabled for next meeting

Habit For Humanity
Chad came to follow up on the possibility of building a townhouse on 28th and Johnson. There is currently no RFP out on it now and there is no current plan for an RFP per the City. He believes they could fit 7 townhouse on the land. Chad voiced previous interest from the community in having more intensely utilized commercial space. He has done some thinking and drawing and come up with an idea for a mixed used building. This would be a new project for Habitat and involve them attempting a number of things they’ve never done before. He believe there are some signs pointing to their ability to pull it off. He plans on talking with Sam and Walter’s shop sometime soon. Chad shared some initial drawings he’s conceived for the space. There’s a possibility for 19,000 sq. feet of commercial real estate space. Conversation ensued about the prospects for commercial usage. He also showed how they could essentially build 20-22 units of a home Habitat builds frequently within the 69 foot depth of the lot. Questions about the qualifications to participate in Habitat for Humanity were asked by various board members. Board members expressed enthusiasm about the project.

2015 Financial Recap
ACTION ITEM: 2016 Proposed Budget

Marie introduced the budget that she worked on with Egan for approval by the board. Staff expenses increased as did the occupancy amount. Also a notable increase regarding rain garden programs. She also introduced the idea of a $2,000 fundraising effort by board members. Input was solicited from the board.

Naomi motioned to approve, Terri seconded, and the budget was approved by unanimous vote.

NEMS Update
Don brought some drawings along to share with the board and went through them in detail. Luke had a few follow up questions.

Old business/New business/adjourn
Egan brought up an 800 sq. foot office space for $1200 per month at Castle Building and Remodeling. Luke would like to negotiate that number. Egan suggested it gives us a public presence and space for meeting. Luke suggested people don’t come to our office and they do at other offices for Neighborhood Orgs throughout the city. Terri likes the idea but is concerned about the hours the office is staffed. There is a possibility to sublet the space but all rent would have to be returned to NRP. Discussion about the space ensued and we will continue to investigate.

Marie motioned to adjourn, Egan seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 8:39 PM.

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