ANA Board Meeting Minutes — February 2016

Board Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2016
Audubon Park Community Center

In attendance: Board members Lindsey Hitt, Sonja Peterson, Naomi Golden, Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Don Sellers, Bill Sauerwein Office Manager Luke Stultz

Call to Order and Introduction
Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm by Egan

Approve December 2015 minutes, Approve January 2016 minutes
Terri moved, Sonja seconded

Approve Agenda
Sonja wished to add job description and personnel policy discussion to agenda
Sonja moved to approve the agenda, Terri seconded

Presentation for Bill Sauerwein, former board member interested in rejoining the board
Bill discussed his qualifications—former board member, on 4H, Clean Sweep,
Vote was unanimous to add Bill to the board

Update on the potential office space
Terri, Luke, and Egan looked at the Castle space.
Also looked at former clinic space next to Dinsmore cleaner at 29th and Johnson
Cost of 29th and Johnson works out to be over $2k per month
Castle space is smaller, but cleaner more affordable. It’s move in ready whereas the space on 29th and Johnson needs work
Action item is to find out lease option for three years, find out what termination fee would look like
Terri moved to vote to get a three year lease as long as there’s a manageable termination clause, and added option to add a 1-2 year lease after three years
Bill seconded, motion carried unanimously to pursue the Castle space

Proper use of committee structure
Egan discussed how the committee structure should work, developing charters for committee meetings, there should be structure

February 18 Schools Parks Youth Environment 6:30 Coffeeshop Northeast
Sonja suggested a formation of committee structure form

Sonja suggested looking at the personnel policy and the job description, changing the job description to reflect what Luke’s doing, retitling the position to neighborhood administrator, look at the performance review form

Lindsey gave an update about WingDing May 7, 2016 at Audubon Community Center, rainout at the NEMS, looked at what things were successful and what things should be changed. Lindsey will contact Mother Earth Gardens to see if they will do a plant giveaway, plant swap, ANA plant swap will be a part of the WingDing

Tabled the Administrative Review

Don will email a report on NEMS project

March 19 there will be a renter’s rights forum

All in favor of adjourning, all in favor, adjourn at 6:52 pm