ANA Board Meeting Minutes — December 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
December 7, 2015

In attendance: Egan, Naomi, Sonja, Lindsey, Luke, Marie, and Don

Call to order 6:06 pm

Marie moved to approve the agenda, Don seconded, and additional action times were added.

Finance Update

Meeting next Monday, looking at potential for increased staff time

Sonja suggested a monthly financial statement would be more helpful than a yearly statement as it would be a better understanding of what’s going on.

Egan/Luke update on on-going situation with what’s going on with NECP money. Working with attorney and bank to determine exactly what can be done

Housing Committee Update-Terri wasn’t at meeting

Funding of the neighborhood project would happen at the earliest in March

School Parks Environment Committee

Don and Nic have been meeting with people from MPS to determine how many parking spots they will lose through the NEMS project

There’s been discussion how to get other people interested and involved in the project, trying to figure out what the existing strategy is and where it is going to be based.

Luke reminded group that the office needs to have copies of all the grants, and all information needs to be funneled through the office and that NPP funds need to be approved by the city.

Don mentioned that the website is outdated, that the committees aren’t up to date, there should be a communications committee

Sonja asked how do we implement a community engagement plan around plan-based issues

Each committee needs to think about community outreach, particularly around the past survey

Luke needs info for the newsletter by December 20th so it can get in next month’s newsletter. Electronic news is each month, print is every other.

Meeting adjourned.

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