ANA Board Meeting Minutes — August 2016

Audubon Neighborhood Board Meeting

In attendance: Egan Haugesag, Beth Cauwels, Terri Harder, Naomi Golden, Don Sellers, Lindsay Hitt, Luke Stultz, Bill Sauerwein

Call to order: 6:10 pm
Terri approved to move agenda, Beth seconded

July 2016 minutes: Terri moved to approve with edit, Lindsay seconded, everyone approved

Financial Update YTD: we will consider looking for another bank in the neighborhood, looking at alternatives to Bremer

Met up about audit, putting together information the auditor has been looking for, sounds like everything is going well, no one foresees any issues,

Schools, Youth, Parks Committee update:
NEMS project is still on the radar, MSMO a few days ago meeting, went over the project, still looks doable for this year, might have to deal with some logistics. The hold up seems to be over getting multiple bids on the project. They want to have more than one bid before they move forward with awarding a contract.

Housing Committee Update: meeting is tomorrow, housing is good, and 25 rain garden projects have been funded. The emphasis is on finding more people to be on committees

Staff Report: Turbo Tim’s rain garden installation tomorrow, Hennepin County has a zero waste challenge, $350 stipend, they are looking for people to take over August 18 and August 25, Luke can take August 18th, looking for someone to take that day. The person needs to be able to help set up table for the market manager, vendors take care of themselves, help distribute lawn signs, put out materials for neighborhood, if you want to use credit card or EBT, take that information, Complete switched to ADP now, three payrolls have already been completed, we will save a large amount of money over the year. Looking at changing how much we pay into Workman’s Comp.

Old Business/New Business/Adjourn:
Open Streets-could we make it a part of Audubon, Naomi will check into it maybe have someone come and talk at another meeting. We want to have an office Open House soon, ideas to approach Adam, a fall event—fall slider fest, something on a Sunday night at Hazel’s?? Ask Johnson Street businesses to have an event? Beer in the park? Maybe a booyah? Bike race feedback: there was a lot of rain,

Motion to adjourn: Terri moved, Don seconded adjourn at 6:55 pm