ANA Community Meeting Minutes — February 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
February 2, 2015

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Melissa Haugesag, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Rachel Bode ;Office Manager Luke Stultz; approximately seven community members.

Meeting called to order at 7:11 pm

Welcome and Introductions

Review of Agenda
No changes were made to the agenda.

Approval of December Minutes
There were no changes to the minutes. No formal vote was taken to approve them.

Officers’ Reports
There were no officer reports.

NEMS Landscape Project Update
Don Sellers presented an overview of the project, noting that ANA had made the first cut. Nine of nineteen applications were approved and final applications requested. Four grants will be awarded during the current cycle, but we were encouraged to re-apply if we are not chosen during this cycle. Don reported that the project team met with an MWMO representative on January 21 and the feedback was very positive. In particular, the representative seemed quite impressed with the proposed integration of the project into the standard science curriculum. The final application, incorporating MWMO feedback received at that meeting, will be submitted by February 9.

Nic Baker added that there would be a $2500 match if we receive the grant, but that we definitely have funds available.

Sonja Peterson pointed out that Nic is to blame for the grant application.

Presentation by Councilmember Kevin Reich
Kevin discussed the city’s organic waste-collection program and responded to questions. The program will be phased in over two years, although there is hope that it may be completed in 20 months. Collection will cost homeowners $4/month. The city may continue to have public drop-off areas, such as the bins currently used at Audubon Park, but that is a later decision. Kevin passed around a sign-up sheet for interested neighbors.

Kevin announced that there is a new full-service fire truck at the station on 27th and Johnson. The staff has also been doubled. He brought up the possibility of ANA sponsoring an open house as a summer event.

A neighbor asked Kevin about what can be done about abandoned houses continuing to get newspapers, phonebooks, and other items. Kevin recommended calling the Journal to request that delivery to those houses be stopped.

Local Arts Project
Jonathon Hamilton, a representative of ArtShare, a local arts group, announced a lantern-building project in which community families can create cloth lanterns with internal lighting. The project is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, February 14-15. The Minneapolis Downtown Council is supporting the project.

Jonathon’s group is also collaborating with owners of empty storefronts on Central Avenue to provide art and performances that would be open to the public.

Staff Report
Luke Stultz presented information on the strategic-planning survey and passed out information and surveys. He also gave the website address.

Luke then handed out information on playground improvements at Windom Park Center. They hope to have the improvements completed by the end of the summer and are seeking community input.

Old Business
No old business was discussed.

New Business
Marty Shriver stated that there are more families in the neighborhood than in recent years, and more kids are going to NEMS and Edison. He asked Kevin Reich about the possibility of getting a community center in the neighborhood. Kevin discussed financial issues, which suggested that such a center would not be feasible.

A neighbor brought up the issue of graffiti on the I-35W sound barrier. Kevin suggested calling 311 to request removal.

The meeting was informally adjourned at 8:05 without a formal vote.

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