ANA Community Meeting Minutes — April 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association
April 7, 2014
Community Meeting Minutes

Present: Kevin Kelly, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Don Sellers, Sonja Peterson, Sean Koebele, Nic Baker, other community members

Meeting called to order at 7:07 by Kevin Kelly.

Agenda reviewed after addition of Spring WingDing. Chris Lindy moved to approve, Sonja seconded. Passed unanimously.

Officer reports
No president’s report Justin gave treasurers report, $13,814 in revolving account $3,656 in cash account.

New business

  • Language Central—Lynn Olson: Provides classes in English (ESL) and Spanish. Provide classes at reduced rate or for free, depending on income. Have received a “substantial donation from Sheridan, lesser donations from other associations. Asking association to donate funds.
  • Hennepin County Lowry Avenue Project—Carol_______: Developing an updated plan that focuses on six intersections, not including Johnson; Johnson will be studied for traffic, but not for redevelopment. Evaluates transportation and redevelopment opportunities. Evaluating stormwater infrastructure. Will evaluate bike and pedestrian improvements. Final concept with cost estimate should be completed in mid-September.
    • There was discussion of the bicycle island at Lowry and Polk, Toni Watts and other residents stating some concern.
    • John Slack, with the lead consultant company, is submitting a final document in October with recommendations about the projects—how they will implement the projects in accordance with neighborhood priorities. Providing technical support to the project, such as infrastructure review and a market study.
    • Question was raised regarding whether there may be “three-laning” on Lowry. Response was that it is being studied, but there are arguments being made both ways.
  • Hollywood update: Kevin briefly discussed the history of the redevelopment, Kevin announced that there is agreement on contract language—Developer will buy the building for $1 because of the extensive work needed. In turn, the developer will restore the exterior and in other respects bring the building up to code. On April 28, a subcommittee of the city development office will evaluate the request. ANA will submit a letter of support.
  • NE Farmers Market—Chris Lindy: Umbrella market that includes smaller markets, such as ours. Seeking to become more of a hub in Northeast. Asking neighborhoods to “buy in” to the market, including a financial donation (for improvements, staff, acquisition of equipment, and a permanent home) or general support. In particular, they want us to become a sponsor or a partner. Noted that we could use CPP funds.

Access to floor

  • Nic brought up the view that the Coffee Shop NE is not working out for the meetings and suggested that they be moved to the park or back to the church. Gavin Watt suggested we move to the park. No further discussion.
  • Gavin brought up NEIC, asking the board to be a sponsor and encouraged residents to consider investing in the co-op. Expects a market to open in their current site in May. Sonja brought up concern of spending $1000 of our limited discretionary funds on one project. Gavin responded that we could buy in for $250.
  • Gavin then brought up the East Minneapolis Exchange Club, which is sponsoring a fund-raising event related to April being the child-abuse prevention club. They will raise funds for five organizations. Asked residents to buy goods from “Pacifier,” then specify that they be donated to the exchange club’s fundraising effort.
  • Linda Orr, the new probation office in the 2nd Precinct introduced herself and briefly discussed changes in the precinct.
  • Lydia Majors Rowland, new program director for Unity Place on 26th and Central, a new adult assisted living program, introduced herself.

Gavin Watt moved to adjourn (second unknown), passed unanimously.

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