ANA Board Meeting Minutes — March 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
March 2, 2014

Present: Nic Baker, Rachel Bode, Terri Harder, Egan Haugesag , Melissa Haugesag, Kevin Kelley, Sonja Peterson, Don Sellers; Luke Therrien, staff.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Egan.

1. Agenda reviewed after there are no additions or changes.
2. Kevin moved to approve the minutes. Nic seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
3. Don presented the financial summary. Luke provided copies of the 2014 annual summary plus the year-to-date. We will switch our account to Wings Financial in about one month.
4. Our lease at the church has ended, but there is no concern that it will not be renewed.
5. NE Citizens’ Patrol: Luke said that we are at risk, including the (remote) possibility that we could lose our 401.C.3 status. We have not received adequate response form John Schulte, so Nic suggested that Luke contact the NCR attorney for guidance. Luke will do so and contact Schulte after determining the best way to handle the Bremer account.
6. Contracts
a. Mark Fox’s contract was renewed, but with a lower rate: $50/month.
b. Sarah’s contract was also renewed with no change in compensation
c. Robin does not yet have a contract. Nic moved and Kevin seconded that we extend her contract for $300 per print newsletter, $50 per e-newsletter. Motion carried unanimously.
7. Nic presented information on WingDing, Plans with the restaurants and exhibitors are progressing well, but Nic is having trouble getting commitments for entertainment. Sonja will talk to the couple at Edison who are responsible for the band and choir.
8. Nic noted that we will hear from MWMO about our grant application on March 10. While we received positive feedback, there were several bidders. There is no guarantee, but if we do not win a grant in this cycle, we are free and encouraged to bid during the next.
9. The board approved the Community Participation Plan (Nic moved/Don seconded).
10. Staff report:
a. Money has been moved from CEE to our primary account.
b. We are switching to GMHC, probably next summer, to manage housing funds and loans.
c. The board will hold a meeting in the future to discuss funding initiatives.
d. Members discussed developments at the Co-op. No action was taken.
e. Luke has sent a reformatted survey to the printer. We have received 75 responses to date.
f. Luke also received five surveys from the board regarding training. The board agreed that a Saturday min-morning to early-afternoon would be the best time to meet.
g. A resident contacted Luke about staging a production at either the Hollywood or Ritz. Kevin will follow up in his role as Hollywood Committee.
11. New business
a. Don talked about the need to protect monarch butterflies, saying that the board may want to take action in the future. A table at the WingDing was identified as a possibility. Melissa will follow-up.
b. The board discussed sponsoring an open house at the fire station. Rachel will follow up.
12. Nic moved that the meeting adjourn, Rachel second, and the motion passed 7-1. The meeting adjourned at 8:30.