ANA Board Meeting Minutes — January 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
January 5, 2015

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Melissa Haugesag, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Rachel Bode; Office Manager Luke Stultz

Meeting Called to Order at 7:11 pm

Welcome and Introductions

Review of Agenda
Don requested that we add NEMS landscape project. Sonja moved to approve the agenda. Melissa seconded. Agenda approved by unanimous vote.

Sonja requested that we discuss the NEMS Essay contest. Luke will discuss at the end during Old Business.
Adam has an update regarding the Johnson Street Exterior Improvement project – the landlord that owns the building at Johnson & 29th is interested in participating.
No formal amendments to the agenda requested.

Sonja moved that we approve the agenda as written; Justin seconded. Agenda approved by unanimous vote.

Approval of December Minutes
No issues with minutes.

Eastside Co-Op Expansion w/ Noel Nix
Noel Nix from Landing Group here for an update on financing and progress of the expansion of the Eastside Co-op. Seeking a letter of support from ANA for the expansion project to submit to federal finance assistance group. Conducted a roll call of board members who are current Eastside Co-Op members. Egan, Melissa, Terri, Don, and Sonja are all current members. Sonja’s husband is on the board of directors at Eastside. Discussion ensued regarding the growth of the Co-Op and the need for more space. Board members agreed the Co-Op is a great service and amenity to the neighborhood.

Nic moved that we write a letter of support. Don seconded. Motion to write letter of support for Eastside Co-op’s expansion approved by unanimous vote with one abstention (Sonja).

Financial Update
Don presented current balance sheet and profit/loss. Discussed the need for us to form a finance committee. Luke mentioned many finance committee’s meet as needed. Don, Egan, and Nic volunteered to serve on the committee. They will begin work on a draft budget for 2015.

NEMS Landscape Project Update
Don updated Rachel on the history of the project. There is a meeting on January 7th at 4:15 PM with Jenny Arnson, Ben Perry, Kevin Reich, Don, Sonja, and Nic to discuss Don, Nic, and Sonja to brainstorm and prepare the oral presentation of this project, vision, scope to the MWMO. Luke suggested practicing the oral presentation at a community meeting. Luke suggested drafting a strategy for the school’s involvement in the project. Discussion of advertising and promoting this project ensued. Nic clarified that we have not received the planning grant yet. Nic explained we cannot go for the $50,000 grant until we get the planning grant in place and develop the actual nuts and bolts details in place for this project.

Egan asked why we don’t have community meetings every month. Luke suggested we might not always have enough content for a full meeting. It was suggested this would be a good goal for the future. Luke suggested providing child care for parents with small children to promote better meeting attendance. Luke will contact Mitch about child care requirement for city sponsored events/meetings. Terri suggested using Facebook to promote meeting attendance.

Habitat for Humanity
Nic is a part of a local group of residents who are interested in what’s happening to the lot across the street from the Hollywood Theater. The group is generating ideas for the land use and has interest in bringing those ideas to the board for discussion and support. Habitat for Humanity has been identified as a potential candidate for developing the lot and Nic will contact them. Egan discussed the challenges of developing such a small parcel of land and past project proposals that weren’t feasible for the neighborhood. Discussion ensued around what might work on the lot.

Strategic Planning Survey
Luke reviewed the questions that were generated at the December Community Meeting. Discussion about residents with dual roles (business owner/resident) and how they’d respond to questions. Decided residents with dual roles would fill out survey twice. Nic expressed concern about questions regarding ethnicity. Discussion ensued about how to best reach residents who are unlikely to fill out the survey. Adam mentioned getting a low turnout from any given demographic could be juxtaposed with city data to show us where we’re falling short in our outreach efforts. Luke and Sonja will be doing outreach regarding the survey this month. The board suggested a number of revisions to the survey. Revisions will be reflected in the final draft of the survey. Discussion ensued about the gift card and National Night Out drawing for residents who complete a survey.

Staff Report
Terri offered to write an article/section on housing for the ANA Newsletter. Melissa suggested included updates on vacant homes. Rachel suggested she could write an article about the ANA Architectural Assistance Program. The Architectural Assistance Program is ready to go. Luke put together a formal application process for the program going forward. Luke has updated the directory of architectural companies in the program and the information can be found on the website. The NEMS essay contest is moving along. Luke has finished a portion of the draft budget and will complete with the finance committee. Luke and Sonja will be at the Co-Op promoting strategic planning. NRP funds are at $410,000 un-contracted funds. There are 48 outstanding loans that will be paid back over the next 8-10 years totaling $292,526.39. Board training will happen in the next few months. We need to decide date and topics. Luke is excited about is having the opportunity for professional development since we are such an active board. Luke is interested in us joining the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. It’s $50 a year and has many benefits. Brief discussion of joining the Northeast Chamber of Commerce. Clarified our role with the Wing Ding with Luke. It’s the first Saturday of May in 2015. Discussion around splitting profits with the schools.

Nic moved to join MCN. Don seconded. Motion to join Minnesota Council of Nonprofits approved by unanimous vote.

Discussed ways to make more money through the Wing Ding.  T shirts, dunk tanks, pies in the face.

Egan brought up the idea of working with Johnstock promoters to have a concert and beer garden.

Northeast citizen patrol account update.  Luke hasn't heard back yet from John Schulte.  Nic suggested sending a certified letter.  Luke will work on clarifying the nature of the org and what to do with the money.

Rachel needs to be formally voted onto the board.  Sonja moved to vote on Rachel joining the ANA Board. Terri seconded. Rachel was approved to join the ANA Board by unanimous vote.

Luke presented the newsletter coordinator job description/contract.  Luke will present contract to Robyn this month.

Motion to adjourn at 9:18 by Nic. Don seconded.  Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote.