ANA Board Meeting Minutes — Febuary 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
February 2, 2015

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Melissa Haugesag, Kevin Kelly, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Nic Baker, Don Sellers; Office Manager Luke Stultz

Meeting Called to Order at 6:05 pm

Welcome and Introductions

Review of Agenda
Sonja requested addition of NEMS landscape project update.

Approval of December Minutes
Sonja moved to approve the January minutes. Nic seconded. January minutes approved by unanimous vote.
No issues with minutes.

2015 Budget Discussion
Luke explained the layout and format of the budget. It mirrors our Quickbooks ledger. Luke explained rationale and details line by line of the proposed budget. Nic expressed concern for including projected donations into the budget. Discussion ensued.

Kevin moved to approve the 2015 budget. Melissa seconded. The 2015 Budget passed by unanimous vote.

CPP Evaluation
Luke asked for input regarding our interaction and work with the city. Kevin thought his work with CPED was engaging and helpful. Discussion on the remaining questions for page 7 of the evaluation ensued.

Sonja asked for additions to our volunteer and business contribution count on the report.

Moved approval of the CPP evaluation to the March meeting.

NECP Bank Account Update
John Schulte responded to Luke’s letter and informed him that ANA had been removed from the account. Kevin was a signer on the account and has not signed anything that removes him from the account. Egan and Luke will go to the bank to find out the actual status of the account.

Farmer’s Market Update
Adam volunteered to reach out to Sean about what his role was as the liaison to the Farmer’s Market. Adam discussed combining efforts with Cultivate NE and the Farmer’s market. Potentially combining the events on Thursday nights.

Audubon Park Pool Table
The pool table is here and looks great. ANA is considering paying for half of the pool table. Mitch is pricing out foosball tables as well. Egan suggests that we fund the foosball table. This could come out of NRP funds. Kevin will speak with Mitch about 50% assistance with the foosball table.

Sonja noted that we need to add the pool table purchase to the budget. Luke will add the pool table to the approved budget.

Discussion of historical use and programming of the park building ensued.

Nic moved to pay for 50% of the new pool table from ANA funds. Don seconded. Vote to pay for 50% or the new pool table passed by unanimous vote.

Wing Ding Update
Nic provided updates regarding the facilities and entertainment of the Wing Ding to be held on May 2nd. He’s looking for volunteers to sell tickets.

NEMS Project Update
Nic is waiting on one more piece of information before he can submit the grant. He thinks things look promising. A science teacher took the curriculum and incorporated it into the presentation to explain how this effort could be tied to learning outcomes.

Staff Report
Luke presented information on things he’s currently working on with the Farmer’s Market, Architectural assistance program, the NEMS program, strategic planning survey, and other activities.

Motion to adjourn at 7:01 PM by Kevin. Melissa seconded.  Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote.