ANA Board Meeting Minutes — August 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board of Directors
August 4, 2014

Attendees: Board members - Kevin Kelly, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Jessica Kracl, Adam Sieve, Melissa Haugesag, Sonja Peterson, Sean Koebele, and Justin Kwong; Office Manager Luke Stultz; Councilman Kevin Reich

Meeting called to order: 7:15 pm

Luke introduced himself, discussing his prior experience. Of note – he mentioned his experience working with 501(c)(3) organizations obtaining certification with the charities review council as well as his past and present experience working with other Minneapolis neighborhood associations, both as a board member and as an officer manager.

Councilman Reich provided an update regarding issues impacting the neighborhood, including 1) the processes surrounding tax-forfeit vacant lots in the neighborhood, 2) the NEMS collaboration projects, 3) the Hollywood theatre project, 4) the “cultivate” project at the corner of Central and Lowry (urban agriculture focus), and 5) the Walgreens relocation project. The Councilman discussed briefly the recent changes to city taxi regulations and will be following up on the status of peddle-pub regulations.

Review of June 2 & July 7 Meeting Minutes
Sonja moved to approve the June and July meeting minutes. Justin seconded. Discussion. Friendly amendment to approve with suggested edits to redact salary amounts. Sonja, Justin approved friendly amendment. Motion approved unanimously.

Officer Reports
President – No report.
Vice President – No report.
Treasurer – $13,223.64 in revolving account.
Secretary – No report.

New Office Manager, Luke, to provide an overview of his initial findings.
Luke provided an overview of open contracts and action items that are required as to each of those contracts.

Budget on Contract 20421: Justin made a motion that we move $26.00 from Line 4 to Line 5, $126.00 from Line 4 to Line 1; $460.35 from Line 3 to Line 1; $63.61 from Line 2 to Line 1. Sonja seconded. Motion prevailed by unanimous vote.

Contract 26337: Continue the exterior improvement grant program? The contract expired at end of 2011; we could decide to continue it if there is an interest. Luke will request the program information on this contract so that we can determine if and how to extend. Sonja moved that this be on the agenda next month. Justin seconded. Motion prevailed by unanimous vote.

Contract 28976: Need to account for $1,725 of program funds on this contract before pulling more money. We have a total of $3,015 for payments to architects on this contract.

Contract 36737: Past rain garden program. This is closed. We will need a new contract for the next program.

Board amendment to budget – see Luke’s proposal, attached.
Sonja moved that we amend as proposed. Justin seconded. Motion prevailed by unanimous vote.

Proposal to amend the fiscal year to the calendar year will be discussed at the next meeting.

Luke is recommending that we hire a third-party bookkeeper.
Luke is recommending that we use new bookkeeping software – he prefers to work with Quicken.
Luke showed samples of the Board documents that he plans to prepare.

Policies & Procedures – Luke is recommending a task force to handle policies & procedures
-Personnel Policy
-Conflict of Interest Policy

Office Supply Needs

ANA computer is a four year old laptop; requesting a desktop for security purposes.
Time Capsule
LogMeIn Pro
Office supplies

Total request for office supplies: Sonja moved that we authorize $3175.00 for office and equipment upgrades. Jessica seconded. Discussion followed. Motion prevailed by unanimous vote.


Request to switch from Verizon to Comcast for office phone. Cost will be $109.58/month for phone and Internet. Discussion to look into CenturyLink as well. Justin moved that we cancel our Verizon plan and set-up Comcast for phone and Internet with a two-year contract. Sonja seconded. Discussion followed. Motion prevailed by unanimous vote.

Nic moved to adjourn at 9:05, Sean seconded. Motion prevailed by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned: 9:05 pm

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