ANA Board Meeting Minutes — April 2015

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
April 6, 2015

Attendees: Board members Egan Haugesag, Terri Harder, Melissa Haugesag, Kevin Kelly, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Rachel Bode; Office Manager Luke Stultz

Meeting Called to Order at 6:05 pm

I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Review of Agenda
Sonja requested addition of NCR Placemaking information

III. Approval of March Minutes
Motion to approve March minutes by Terri. Rachel seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

IV. Events
Nic is suggesting investing in some kind of signage to use at all of our events. Egan remembered that we had a canvas sign in the past—we’ll look for it. Discussion about a sandwich board type sign. Luke will look into options and get us pricing.

Open Streets
Egan shared a map from a meeting he attended for the Central Avenue Open Streets. Egan is proposing we pay for the commercial tents for our businesses on Central Avenue. He will talk to business owners to gauge interest.

NE Ride
Nic moved that contribute $250 to NE Ride. Sonja seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Wing Ding
Sonja contacted 22 restaurants for food. There will be an insert in the Northeaster—approximately $300—to get word out about the event. Nic moved we approve funding up to $400 for the insert in the advertising. Don seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

There was discussion about the Milkweed/Monarch Butterfly booth at the Wing Ding event. Melissa is concerned that the Girl Scouts have spent $75 and need to come up with a creative way to pay for the seed. Luke said we could attach meeting dates to the seed packets and charge ANA for advertising. Rachel moved to provide money to buy seed packets and accompanying ANA promotional materials to be handed out at the Wing Ding. Melissa seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Nic passed out sign-up sheet for selling tickets

VI. NEMS Update
Don updated us on a week that took place a week ago at NEMS. All key players involved from our board and the middle school attended. MWMO referred two possibilities for us to work with on the planning grant. The next step is to interview these two groups and hire one for the planning process. Timeline would be to get them up and running this summer so students could be involved in the fall of 2015. Nic mentioned the two contractors are very different—one is local and small while the other is larger, not local, but might have more resources. Luke will get the names from Don and arrange the interviews set up for after school at 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Nic recommended the people doing the interview meet in advance to coordinate questions and process. Nic and Egan volunteered to join the interview team. Discussion ensued about the possibility of incorporating other funds/idea into the southeast corner of grass on 29th avenue. Discussion about Luke and his role in the project as it goes forward as well as how his 60 hours will be paid/accounted for etc. Nic will be in touch with an E-vote.

VII. Staff Report
Luke has spent a lot of time entering survey info—approximately 175 surveys returned. He also finalized our tax return and shared it with the board. Luke brought a new copy of the Gustavus lease—it went up by $9. Kevin moved to approve the new lease with Gustavus. Sonja seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

We were emailed by the Co-Op to co-sponsor a grant for ground core environmental sampling/study. Terri motioned we apply for a grant on behalf of the Eastside Food Co-Op for environmental sampling. Nic seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Rachel moved to approve tax and attorney general filings. Terri seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

VIII. Old/New/Adjourn

NCR Placemaking
Sonja talked about her meeting with NCR Placemaking. They focus on asset based community involvement and planning. Sonja is very interested in reaching out to artists for a fence at the NEMS MWMO project—the Placemaking folks have given her some ideas/strategies/groups she can talk to.

Motion to adjourn at 7:01 PM by Sonja. Kevin seconded.  Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote.