ANA Board Meeting Minutes — April 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association Board Meeting
April 7, 2014
Meeting Minutes

Present: Kevin Kelly, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Don Sellers, Sonja Peterson, Sean Koebele, Nic Baker

Meeting called to order at 6:07 by Kevin.

Agenda reviewed
Sonja asked to include the NE Ride; to be discussed under new business. Adam asked that we include “End Prohibition Minneapolis” Sonja moved to approve the revised agenda, Sean seconded, passed unanimously.

Reviewed board minutes.
Sean moved to approve, Nic seconded, approved unanimously.

Officer reports
No president’s report. Treasurer’s report: cash account $3656, revolving account $13,814

New business

  • 2803 Polk Street: We had refused to contribute $25,000 towards a new house at the site. The existing house was demolished three days later. An individual then requested board approval for the design. Cindy Shulte had some questions, but ultimately agreed to the design. However, she is unhappy about the planned siding (a change from the original design) and wants us to intervene. Kevin will communicate with Cindy and “apply some informal pressure” on the builder regarding the siding.
  • NE College Prep: Hearing was today. Kevin talked to members of the planning commission and found out they have approved it. The neighborhood is not going to take a position.
  • Strategic Planning: Board members agree it was a positive exercise. The next step is to determine how we can bring this information to others and increase community involvement. In time, we need to identify specific projects. There will be a special meeting on April 30 at 6:30 at Gustavus Adolphus.
  • NE Ride: Sonja and Nic will talk to Mitch, the park center director, after the WingDing meeting. Will follow up with e-mail vote.
  • End Prohibition Minneapolis: Adam has asked that we send a letter of support. The motion requires unanimous support from the City Council. Nic moved that we write a letter of support, Justin seconded, passed unanimously. Adam will draft a letter for the board’s review.

Sean made a motion to adjourn, Justin seconded, passed unanimously.

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