ANA Community Meeting Minutes — June 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association
June 2, 2014
Community Meeting Minutes

Board members present: Kevin Kelly, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Jessica Kracl, Justin Kwong, Sean Koebele, Adam Sieve, Sonja Peterson

Meeting called to order: 7:10 pm

Review Agenda
Mitch Waukau was not able to attend, but left information for community members to pick up.

Approval of April 7, 2014 Minutes
Community members moved and seconded the approval of the minutes; minutes approved by unanimous vote of Board and community members.

Officer Reports
President’s Report – update on sale and development of Hollywood Theatre
Vice President’s Report – None.
Treasurer’s Report – Cash Account $3,656.43; Revolving $6,731.03
Secretary’s Report – None.

Unfinished Business

New Business
Audubon Park Staff – handouts made available to community members.

Legislative Session Update – Representative Loeffler and Senator Dziedzic provided an overview of the recently concluded legislative session.
Capital renovations approved - structural and infrastructure renovations necessary, including disability accessibility and fire safety upgrades. Upgrades to improve public accessibility.
This session focused on policy issues and capital budget.
Surplus of $1.2 billion – allocated to budget reserve, tax relief, education, health & human services
Discussion of other projects – Nicollet Mall redevelopment, bee studies, public housing, minimum wage

Metro Blooms – Laura Hurley, project manager with Metro Blooms, presented on the rain garden program in Audubon (benefits of rain gardens and the process for working with ANA and Metro Blooms to have a rain garden on your property).

NE Area Garage Sale – Margo Ashmore presented on the NE community garage sale, which will take place June 20-21. Selling ads to local businesses, which can have their logo placed on the sales day materials; also asking neighborhood associations to sponsor at a rate of $99. Sale registration is due June 5. ANA Board will vote on sponsorship via email vote.

East Side Coop – Amy Fields presented information about the Eastside Food Co-op and its planned expansion. The Co-Op is celebrating 10 years and looking to expand! ANA’s NRP loan 10 years ago helped the Co-Op to open ($150,000); today, looking for another NRP loan (from NRP phase II funds) for expansion. Also requesting loans from Windom and Holland neighborhoods (who still have NRP funds available), as well as from other community sources. Hoping to fund $1 million of this $6 million project with community funds. Amy also provided information regarding ownership investments.

There are variances that will be required for the project.

Looking for C2 zoning for all lots.
City requires that 20% of non-building space be landscaping. Currently co-op has 5% (on a variance from the city). Would lose 14 parking spaces if they did 20%. The design currently supports 8% - will be requesting a variance and hope that the neighborhoods support the variance.
Required by city to have 40% of wall space be windows. Will be over 40% on Central Ave., but will have far fewer than 40% on 26th. Asking for support from the neighborhood regarding a variance on that.
Alley access – city position is that the alley is currently for the residents along that alley and is not intended for commercial use. But, residents who go to the co-op are asking for alley access to the co-op. Asking for neighborhood input and support to ask the city for alley access. Community members discussed.
Access to Floor
Marty had some announcements - Northeast Networks is hosting an evening meeting on June 5. There will be another meeting on June 12 regarding services for seniors. He also left flyers for the June 22 Food Truck Jam.

Sonja made an announcement that there have been a string of garage burglaries in the neighborhood.

Community members moved and seconded adjournment at 8:50 pm.
Meeting adjourned: 8:50 pm

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