ANA Board Meeting Minutes — September 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
September 6, 2014

Attendees: Board members Kevin Kelly, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Jessica Kracl, Melissa Haugesag, Justin Kwong, Sonja Peterson, Adam Sieve, Sean Koebele; Office Manager Luke Stultz

Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 pm

Review of Agenda: Don requested to add “Update on NEMS”. Sonja Peterson moved to approve the agenda; Justin Kwong seconded. Agenda approved by unanimous vote.

Review of Minutes: Request to add Luke’s experience with other neighborhood associations in his introduction. Sonja moved to approve the minutes of the August Board meeting; Justin seconded. The minutes of the August Board meeting were approved by unanimous vote.

Financial Update: Don provided an overview of the balance sheet. Luke discussed the use of accrual basis vs. cash basis for accounting on the balance sheet. Luke generally discussed the balance sheets and the profit and loss standards. Don made a motion to accept and file the financial report; Nic seconded. Discussion followed. Motion to accept and file the financial report approved by unanimous vote.

Update on NEMS: Don provided an update on the NEMS project. Don and Sonja met with Kevin Reich and Gail (Minneapolis Sustainability Coordinator) in recent weeks to discuss the “solar gardens” project. Another project involves the Mississippi Watershed.

NEMS Essay Contest: ANA Sponsored $85.00 in the past. Nic moved that we approve $85.00 to support an essay contest for students at NEMS (i.e. limited to NEMS students, regardless of residence in Audubon Park neighborhood); Justin seconded. Discussion followed. Sonja offered to look into the essay contest sponsored by the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions. Board discussed contest parameters. Kevin made a friendly motion that the essay be civics- themed. Sonja and Justin approved the friendly amendment. Motion to approve $85.00 to support a civics-themed essay contest for students at NEMS prevailed by unanimous vote.

CEE or GMHC: Melissa disclosed prior employment of immediate family member by CEE. Luke discussed the differences between the two for managing NRP contracts. Sonja moved that we switch from CEE to GMHC for management of our NRP contracts; Justin seconded. Discussion followed. Motion prevailed by majority vote with Melissa abstaining.

Housing Coordinator: Regarding houses on VBR list, Luke is recommending that we hire a housing coordinator to work with the city and/or current owners of the properties to get them developed. Don discussed what he observed as the current state of these properties – at least 2 of them are under construction; another has a sign posted indicating that a sale is pending. There are NRP dollars contracted for a housing coordinator. Board discussed using a committee to serve this purpose for the time being. Sonja moved that we put this topic on the agenda for next month; Justin seconded. Kevin requested a friendly amendment that we push discussion to November. Friendly amendment rejected. Motion to review and discuss an updated VBR list at the October meeting prevailed.

Organics Recycling: Guest Kelly Klisch provided information about city residential organics drop-offs. Audubon Park is being considered for a drop-off site. As a Board, we are asked to approve whether we want to have a drop-off and whether the association will help promote the program. We could consider whether to distribute compost bags to residents who would like to participate. Justin moved that we approve selection of Audubon Park as an organics recycling drop-off; Jessica seconded. Board discussion followed regarding start date and open hours. Luke will contact Mitch regarding when parking lot at park might be too busy. Motion to approve selection of Audubon Park as an organics recycling drop-off site prevailed by unanimous vote.

Board Elections: Let Kevin know if you will be continuing / seeking re-election. Board discussed revisions to the draft Board member self-nomination form. Luke will also put this out in Spanish. The vote happens at the annual meeting. We will seek food donations from neighborhood restaurants for the meeting.

NE Library 100 yr. anniversary: Sonja discussed the ideas of the Friends of the Library commemoration of the 100 yr. anniversary of the Northeast Library.

Additional business:
2nd Precinct Advisory Council Meetings – Luke asked whether the ANA attends the second precinct meetings (“2pac”) – they are having low turnout and are considering cancelling. ANA will advertise the meetings, but will not send someone to attend on behalf of the Association.

Johnson Street Commercial Exterior Improvement – this was a matching grant program; the contract was never used and expired in 2011. What do we want to do with this? Extend the contract of put it back into NRP? Will put in NRP funds.

New Rec Center – do we want to stay updated? Yes.

Strategic Planning moved to next month.

Jessica moved that we adjourn; Sean seconded. Unanimous vote.
Meeting Adjourned: 9:20 pm

Written Action of the Board

On 8/13/14, Jessica moved via e-mail that we execute a contract with the city to cover participation in the rain garden program with Metro Blooms for up to 15 gardens per year for the next three years (to commence with the spring/summer 2014 season); Nic seconded.

A vote by email took place over the next several days; the motion was approved by majority vote.

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