ANA Board Meeting Minutes — October 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
October 6, 2014

Attendees: Board members Kevin Kelly, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Jessica Kracl, Sonja Peterson, Melissa Haugesag, Sean Koebele, Adam Sieve, Justin Kwong; potential Board member Terri Harder, Office Manager Luke Stultz

Meeting Called to Order at 6:05 pm

Welcome and Introductions

Review of Agenda
Sonja requested that we discuss the NEMS Essay contest. Luke will discuss at the end during Old Business.
Adam has an update regarding the Johnson Street Exterior Improvement project – the landlord that owns the building at Johnson & 29th is interested in participating.
No formal amendments to the agenda requested.

Sonja moved that we approve the agenda as written; Justin seconded. Agenda approved by unanimous vote.

Approval of September Minutes
In the “Review of Minutes” section, the statement “Sonja moved to approve the agenda” should be corrected to say, “Sonja moved to approve the minutes”.
Nic moved that we approve the minutes with the correction; Sean seconded. Minutes of September Board meeting approved by unanimous vote.

NE Chamber of Commerce Membership
Discussion whether we should continue this membership at a rate of $250 per year. Nic moved that we approve renewing our membership with the NE Chamber of Commerce; Don seconded. Discussion followed. It seems this could be a resource that we are not using – if we continue, we should make an effort to engage. Request that we invite a representative to a future Board meeting. Motion to renew membership with the NE Chamber of Commerce approved by unanimous vote.

Strategic Planning
Luke discussed the outline for strategic planning included in the Board packet. Board discussed having Hannah Kamath come to a meeting to discuss. The proposed rate includes development of the survey and compiling the results, but does not include postage (which would be an additional $600-$700). Engaging in this process would meet our requirements for engaging the community to develop the plan for use of un-contracted funds. The Board would like to include a process for outreach to underrepresented groups in the neighborhood.

Nic moved that we approve the strategic plan as included in the Board packet and engage Hannah Kamath; Justin seconded. Discussion followed regarding whether this could be used for the NPP; conclusion was that it could. Motion to approve the strategic plan outline and proposal from Hanna Kamath approved by unanimous vote.

Frank Stone – Conditional Use Permit

Frank purchased the property at 2823 and 2827 Central Ave. NE. Frank is requesting a letter of support from the ANA Board to operate that space as “Turbo Tim’s Anything Automotive.” Tim has outgrown his current space. Frank brought copies of the plans, which include many “green” aspects – including a rain garden and additional tree planting.

Conditional Use Permit is under consideration – hearing is likely to happen Nov. 9. Board will consider letter of approval at the November 3 meeting.

Grand Rounds Project

Cody Olson from Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) presented information (see Board packet) regarding efforts to obtain a grant to move forward with completing the Grand Rounds. Requesting ANA to partner on the grant application because Audubon would be impacted by completion of the Grand Rounds. Other neighborhoods have voted to partner on this project. The goal is to present a cohesive plan to the Park Board and the City for completing the missing link to the Grand Rounds. The group is requesting a Letter of Partnership indicating that ANA can support an intern and provide oversight for an intern. Cody provided a draft letter.
The grant application is due on Thursday October 9 and they would like the letter before then.

Sonja moved that we provide them with a Letter of Partnership; Nic seconded. Motion to provide SECIA with a Letter of Partnership for Grand Rounds grant application approved by unanimous vote.

Jessica moved to adjourn at 7:00; Justin seconded. Motion to adjourn approved by unanimous vote. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

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