ANA Board Meeting Minutes — February 2014

Audubon Neighborhood Association Board of Directors
February 3, 2014
Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kevin Kelly, Jeff Smyser, Jessica Kracl, Nic Baker, Don Sellers, Sonja Peterson, Sean Koebele

Meeting called to order by Kevin Kelly at 6:10 pm

Review of Agenda
Sonja Peterson requested to add discussion of Northeast Network to agenda. Added.
Jeff Smyser requested to add of discussion of strategic planning session. Added if time.
Nic Baker requested to add discussion of the Rain Garden program. Added.

Review and Approval of January 6 Meeting Minutes
Jeff Smyser moved to approve, Sonja Peterson seconded. Meeting minutes of January 6, 2014 were approved by unanimous vote.

Officer’s Reports
No President’s report.
No Vice President’s report.
No Secretary report.
Treasurer not present

Wing Ding
The date of the Wing Ding has been changed to May 3 (normally held the last weekend in April).

Newspaper Ads: Last year, we did an insert in the Northeaster, which was limited to distribution in just the Audubon neighborhood. Cost was about $250.00. Alternatively, a display ad of 1/16th of a page would run the same cost.

Discussion to do the insert and do outreach to other neighborhoods through neighborhood newsletters.

Nic Baker moved that we approve the cost of an insert in the Northeaster to advertise the Wing Ding, with distribution limited to the Audubon neighborhood. Don Sellers seconded. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Nic Baker also requested recommendations for presenters as well as volunteers for ticket sales and cleanup. An announcement requesting volunteers will be made at the community meeting as well.

Northeast Network
Sonja Peterson presented discussion of the Northeast Network, which meets the second Thursdays of the month at NE Co-Op. Usually held in the morning. Will now be alternating between morning and evening times. Next meetings (Feb and March) will be on how to address the achievement gap. Discussion included the following:

  1. Are there topics that the neighborhoods would like to see this year?
  2. Community room at NE Co-Op will be unavailable for the next 6 months-1 year due to construction. Wondering if the neighborhood associations would be interested in taking turns hosting the Northeast Network. We could do this at our regular community meeting.

Sonja will let them know that we would be interested in hosting and will find out when they might most be in need.

Rain Garden Program
Work has begun with the organization that does the labor (i.e. excavation and mulch) - a volunteer non-profit “Conservation Corps.” Need someone from our organization to lead the program, as Nic Baker will not be continuing with the program. Tabled for further discussion.

Lowry Avenue Plan Update
Initial meeting was very open – i.e. any community involvement welcome. Second meeting indicated that the intersection at Lowry and Johnson is excluded because “no one has complained about the intersection.”

Kevin included a link in the e-newsletter if individuals do have complaints. Nic proposed a letter from the Board formally requesting that the intersection be included based on our experience that the intersection has been problematic for our residents. Board unanimously agreed that a letter should be sent from a representative of the Board.

Discussion of Strategic Planning Session
General impressions were very good. Kevin will send out proposal from Lissa regarding the follow-up meeting for later in March.

Northeast Investment (NEIC)
Discussion of sponsorship of Northeast Investment Co-Op. Windom is a sponsor – should Audubon be a sponsor? Technically, a neighborhood can’t join, but can it be a sponsor? We would need to look into whether we have any funds that can be allocated to programs that are spent outside of Audubon. This can be a part of our discussion now that we are more aware of our funding sources.

Nic Baker moved to adjourn, Sean Koebele seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.