ANA Board Meeting Minutes — December 2013

ANA Board Meeting
December 2, 2013
The Coffee Shop ne

The Meeting was called to order at 6:11

Members in attendance: Sonja Peterson, Don Sellers, Sean Koebele, Adam Sieve, Kevin Kelly, Jessica Kracl and Nic Baker.
Absent: Jeff Smyser and Justin Kwong.

The minutes from the November 4th board meeting were reviewed. Sean Koebele moved approval of the minutes and Sonja Peterson seconded. The board passed the minutes unanimously.

Officer and Committee Report:
Kevin reported on the progress of the redevelopment of the Hollywood. It appears that Andrew Volna will be using the six month extension of his exclusivity agreement with the City. This will allow Andrew to finish his research on the costs of the redevelopment and possibly begin to negotiate a development agreement. Andrew and his team will be invited to the February Community Meeting to update the neighborhood on the Hollywood redevelopment.

New Business
NPP: Adam has spoken with Carrie Aspinwall and another NCR staff Christina about the neighborhood survey. Carrie stated that a 5% response is a pretty typical return. The NCR suggested outreach at the Farmer’s Market, Johnstock and other community events to improve the information gathered. Adam stated that the City demographic information found 400 Latino residents out of 5000 total in Audubon. Getting 40 surveys completed would be 10% of this group.

Motion Detector Program: Nic asked the Board to approve the plan. Jessica volunteered to organize this activity with either Home Depot or Menard’s. The board discussed whether to limit the number of Detectors to offer with the program. Sonja had the idea to ask people who sign up for the Motion Detectors that must provide demographic information which will help with the community survey.

Board Strategic Planning Session: NCR and Carrie Aspinwall can provide a professional facilitator to work with the Board. Jay Clark from CURA could be another possibility for a facilitator. The board agreed to January 18th as the possible date. Nic will look into space for the planning meeting.

Don moved to adjourn the board meeting, Jessica seconded and passed unanimously at 6:58.