ANA Community Meeting Minutes — August 2013

Audubon Neighborhood Association Community Meeting
The Coffeeshop Northeast
Monday, August 5, 2013

Members Present: Justin Kwong, Kevin Kelly and Nic Baker

Marty Schreiber moved the minutes from the June ANA and Larry seconded the motion and the minutes were approved by those present.

Nick Madsen and Susan Webb, of the Minneapolis Police Department 2nd Precinct addressed the neighborhood: Webb stated that crime has increased “slightly” in the Audubon Neighborhood.

There have been more thefts from motor vehicles and burglaries with the burglar getting into homes through open windows and cut screens to gain entry into the homes. One tip offered to respond to this kind of crime is to “pin windows” which allow windows to be opened no higher than 6 inches up. Apparently many of the thefts from motor vehicles have occurred when the vehicles have been unlocked. Waite Park has seen a similar increase in car thefts.

There have also been more garage break=ins with the theft of bicycles being the main item stolen. Residents can register their bikes with the City through 311 and serial number.

The 2nd precinct is door knocking and handing out flyers and talking to neighbors about the thefts in the Audubon Neighborhood.

Webb stated that National Night Out is happening on Tuesday night.

Webb stated the 2nd Precinct will be conducting a Block Leader training on August 19 with Susan Webb being the contact for that program.

Another opportunity for neighborhood engagement is the Edison Community BBQ which is being held on August 22nd at Edison HS.

ANA is looking into a program to help neighbors to purchase motion detectors a which are a good crime prevention tool. The detectors will be relatively inexpensive and there is no need for tools needed to install the detectors. The detectors will be solar powered.

Discussion of energy providers by Minneapolis Energy Options and Xcel Energy:

No representative from Minneapolis Energy Options attended the meeting. Steve Wilson was the representative from Xcel Energy.

Wilson presented on why the ownership of electric utility should stay with Xcel rather than the City developing a municipal electric utility. Council Member Reich was also present for the discussion and he felt the City Council was ultimately not going to support a municipal takeover of the electric utility.

Shoreham Yards: The official discussion between the Railroad and the Shoreham Yards Advisory Council has ended. The Audubon Neighborhood will need to formally appoint a person to be a member of the new Shoreham Yards Advisory Council. Nic asked for a community member to volunteer to be a member. Marty Schirber volunteered and was nominated by Sondra Peterson and was seconded by Michelle Spangler. Marty was approved by the community members present at the meeting.

Access to the Floor: Sonya Peterson stated that the City of Minneapolis is conducting trainings for residents on Rank Choice Voting topics elections. Sonya will provide this training at the October Community Meeting as well.

Treasurers report: $3,356 up from IRS rebate NCR revolving fund – currently at $8,251. Justin suggested that ANA move it’s accounts to another bank. This issue will be discussed at the September Board Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:33 which was moved by Sonya Peterson and seconded by Larry.

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