ANA Board Meeting Minutes — September 2013

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
September 19, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.

Members Present: Jeff Smyser, Jessica Kracl, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Nic Baker, Sean Koebele and Kevin Kelly.

The July ANA meeting minutes were moved by Sean, seconded by Jessica and were approved unanimously.

Bremer Bank: Justin has been having difficulties with communication and poor service with Bremer. Other issues have been the overdrafts which Bremer was unwilling to compromise and the difficulty with getting new blank checks. The board did not make a formal decision regarding using Bremer. Nic and Adam will meet with Bremer to look into these issues.

Neighbor’s Traffic Issues: Nic received a call from one individual who is concerned about speeding in the neighborhood. The individual is a frequent caller to Council Member Reich’s office. Lisa Brock from Reich’s office investigated the complaints and found there was no speeding occurring during her two hour observation.
Board members discussed other areas of problematic driving and speeding. Of particular concern was speeding on 29th Avenue at the corner of 29th and Hayes at Northeast Middle School. Many drivers are running through the stop sign. Board members discussed the lighted, blinking stop sign in the City of St. Anthony as a device to alert drivers of the stop. Kevin stated he will contact St. Anthony public works about the sign and the process the city went through to add the lighting to the sign.

Neighborhood Large Item Trash Pick-up: Lisa Speedling contacted Nic about a neighborhood trash pick-up program. Speedling was scheduled to discuss this idea but did not attend the meeting. This item was tabled.

October Board Meeting: Justin, Jeff, Sean and Kevin’s terms end. All members stated they are interested in serving another two year term.

NCR Outreach: The Community Participation Plan includes outreach to underrepresented communities in Audubon. The NCR contract with the ANA will be for three years with funding staying at roughly the same level. ANA increased costs in 2014 include staff salaries, newsletter printing and postage.

Hollywood Open House: Kevin will look into holding an open house at the Hollywood before the October Community Meeting. The Open House will be scheduled from 6:00-6:45 before the community meeting on October 7th. Nic and/or Kevin will post a notice of the Open House on the Friends of the Audubon facebook page.

Johnson Street Business Activity: Adam said that a restaurant tenant is lined up to take over the Nuff space as Nuff closed down recently. Adam stated an “established” restaurant was actively looking into leasing the space. Adam stated a new owner of Nick’s Barber Shop will be starting soon.

Northeast Middle School has a new principal this school year.

The meeting adjourned at 8:36 with Jessica moving and Justin seconding the motion.