ANA Board Meeting Minutes — July 2013

Audubon Neighborhood Association Baord Meeting Minutes
July 1, 2013


Board members: Nic Baker, Adam Sieve, Justin Kwong, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser and Kevin Kelly

Absent: Jessica Kracl

Minutes from the June 3 meeting were approved. SK, JS unanimously passed

Treasurer’s Report – No response from Bremer regarding signature card for the bank account.

The NCR account has $2,963.40 and there is $3,114.70 in the Cash Account

Neighborhood Participation Plan Survey update – the Board discussed what type of survey to conduct and what questions to ask residents who are from underserved groups and live in the Audubon neighborhood.

Carrie Aspinwall, the City staff liaison to the ANA, has a contact who can supervise a group of volunteers who can door knock the neighborhood to gather information particularly the three blocks to the east of Central Avenue.

Rain Garden Program Update – 17 homes have applied and evaluations are in process. Metro Blooms will select the final 15. Installation of the Rain Gardens will begin in August. $200 of the cost of the final 15 projects will be subsidized by the ANA. Nic has not heard back about grant request to the Mississippi Watershed Management District.

Social Media/Facebook – The board agreed that the Mark Fox created “official” Audubon Facebook page should be used to broaden outreach to the neighborhood.

Motion-detector outdoor lighting program – Other Minneapolis neighborhoods have successfully offered the subsidized lights to interested neighbors though Home Depot.

Jeff Washburne, City of Lakes Community Land Trust – The Land Trust which has been around for 10 years is looking for community support for their program which assists Minneapolis residents in affording a home to live in. To be eligible the applicant must earn less than 80% of median income which is $46,000 for an individual or $64,000 for family of four. According to Jeff there are currently 5-6 families in NE out of 160 homes in Minneapolis taking advantage of their services.

Jeff is seeking a letter of support for the Community Land Trust from the ANA and for the ANA to help get the word out about this program.

Action Items – Nic will get further information from the person who contacted him about speeding vehicles through his area of the Audubon neighborhood.

Adam is asking Board members to look at the survey from Waite Park and give him feedback. He will do further research on using Survey Monkey and CURA to assist with canvassing the neighborhood. Adam will also contact a Graphic designer to help out with a survey.

Nic will talk to Mark Fox about getting administrative privileges for the “Official” Audubon Neighborhood Association Facebook page.

The Next Board Meeting will be held August 5 at 6:00 at the Coffee Shop NE on Johnson Street. The ANA board meeting will followed by the Community Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50. KK, SK unanimous.