2803 Polk Variance Request

A potential buyer of the vacant lot at 2803 Polk Street has notified the association of his intent to seek a zoning variance for the construction of a house on that property. The variance would grant permission to build within the front yard setback along 28th Avenue NE.

The board will take up this issue at the May 6 meeting, starting no earlier than 8pm. All residents are welcome to attend.

Some relevant links:
CPED Land Sale Evaluation, February 7 2013 (pdf)

R2B zone requires 5000 SF minimum lot area for a new Single Family. As property is a "lot of record" per 531.100 (a), a Single Family Dwelling is a permitted use.

New construction is subject to the required yards (setbacks) and all other requirements applicable to the R2B zone, except lot area/width.

CPED Request for Council Action (sale of property), April 2, 2013 (pdf)

The development proposal is for the construction of a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a full basement with 1,920 finished square feet of living space. They are building for their own occupancy and propose surface parking initially, with the intent to build a double car garage in the future.

The CPED request was approved, with conditions, on April 12, 2013. (pdf)

A copy of the variance request which ANA will be considering was not available at the time of this posting.

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