ANA Community Meeting Minutes — September 10, 2012

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
September 10, 2012

Board Members Present: Nic Baker, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser, Craig Pederson and Kevin Kelly.

Absent: Melanie Birke and Candace Baker.

This meeting consisted of a community discussion on a potential redevelopment of the Hollywood Theatre.

Four presenters addressed community members: Miles Mercer, City of Minneapolis CPED staff, Minneapolis 1st Ward Council Member Kevin Reich, Andrew Volna of Noiseland Industries and Apiary, LLC. and Meghan Elliott of PVN.

Council Member Reich gave a short presentation emphasizing that Andrew Volna and his team have been conducting some initial research on the needs of the building and the costs of the redevelopment of the Hollywood. Council Member Reich stated that things were at a preliminary stage.

Miles Mercer spoke next and discussed the history of the redevelopment of the theatre. Essentially the Hollywood has remained unused since 1987. There have been other developers interested in the site in the past. Miles stated that Andrew has the expertise and track record of redeveloping other buildings in Northeast Minneapolis area. Miles stated the process is in its early stages and there is no specific proposal to the City at this time. Andrew and his team are conducting research and thinking through and analyzing what it would take to bring back the Hollywood. Miles stated the goal of this presentation was to introduce Andrew and Meghan to the community and to answer questions and get feedback from neighbors.

Andrew Volna spoke next. He gave his personal history of his family being from Northeast and growing up in the Audubon Neighborhood. Andrew discussed his interest in history and his interest in reusing buildings and making them work again. Andrew discussed his projects; the Clockwork Building on East Hennepin Avenue which used to be the Rayvic service station, the Hawkinson building on Winter Street NE which houses his company Noiseland Industries and the 1712 Marshall Street redevelopment. Andrew stated he has been thinking about taking on the Hollywood Theatre redevelopment for some time. He also stated the economics of the building would make an entertainment use of the building very difficult to happen financially. He believes a Creative Industry type of tenant would be most interested in being a tenant of a redeveloped Hollywood. An example Andrew gave was of perhaps an Ad Agency which could use the redeveloped Theatre as a strong marketing tool. Andrew stated he and Meghan needed to continue to do research on the potential redevelopment.

Meghan Elliott has an extensive history of working on redevelopment. She is a professor at the U of M and teaches courses on the repair of the physical structure and internal systems of buildings. Meghan worked in San Francisco before moving to the Twin Cities. Meghan stated there are sets of architectural plans at the U of M which detail the architectural elements of the marquee and internal design elements which are missing.

Kevin Reich discussed after the presentation that to make a redevelopment of a project like the Hollywood Theatre redevelopment a cross-disciplinary approach to making this work. He also stated there may be other resources which can be leveraged to increase the financial support to the redevelopment of the Hollywood.

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