Northeast Middle School

Family Involvement Group is a Key Partner at NEMS

Parents to Northeast Middle School may find an easier transition into the school year by joining the Family Involvement Group (FIG).

FIG, now in its 3rd year, closes a gap between parents and a school system that can often seem impersonal and confusing. FIG provides a close up view into the workings of a public middle school. Monthly meetings bring staff together with parents to help identify school needs, plan school events and support the students’ education. Before the group’s formation, there had not been a parent group at NEMS for 15 years.

Parent Kimberly Caprini joined FIG last year because she wanted to find out who her 6th grade daughter, Sofia, would be exposed to at school.

After joining the FIG group, Caprini said it enabled her, “to let go of some of the rope.”

Bridging community is a key aspect to FIG’s work. Events in the community and in school have been a good way to do this.

The News from Northeast Middle School

by Robin Sauerwein


Because of changes at Northeast Middle School made over the years by dedicated teachers, staff. and community members, the school  appears to be moving in the right direction.  You may not have heard about what is happening at the school, but we hope to change that with this column   In each issue, we will highlight some of the people working at NEMS and will run stories by and about students and information about programs and community events.

The Northeast Middle School leader is Dr.  Padmini Udupa. She has served as Principal for four years and held the position of Assistant Principal for several years before that.  Dr. Udupa described some of the positive things happening at NEMS and changes over the years.



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