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Notice of ANA Funds Transfer

The Audubon Neighborhood Association has been awarded an action grant of $50,000 from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) to construct a rain garden along 29th Avenue NE, in the south parking lot of Northeast Middle School. The project will be funded both by MWMO and the ANA. In order to fully fund the project, ANA announced at the community meeting held on April 4, 2016, that $10,000 is being moved from the Commercial Property Improvement Fund to the Parks and Environment Investment Fund.

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Sale of Hollywood Approved

The Hollywood Theatre building is another step closer to being purchased by Andrew Volna. The City Council on May 9th authorized the sale of the building for $1.00 to Volna’s company, Out of the Past Redevelopment. Volna’s company received the building for that amount due to the extensive amount of redevelopment which needs to be done to make the building functional once again.

The City’s authorization of the sale approved the terms which Out of the Past Redevelopment must meet. Over the next 22 months Out of the Past Redevelopment must rehabilitate the exterior and façade, which includes the Hollywood sign and marquee, as well as rehabilitate the lobby, reconstruct the ticket booth and to preserve historic elements in the auditorium and inner lobby of the building.

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2803 Polk Variance Request

A potential buyer of the vacant lot at 2803 Polk Street has notified the association of his intent to seek a zoning variance for the construction of a house on that property. The variance would grant permission to build within the front yard setback along 28th Avenue NE.

The board will take up this issue at the May 6 meeting, starting no earlier than 8pm. All residents are welcome to attend.

Some relevant links:
CPED Land Sale Evaluation, February 7 2013 (pdf)

R2B zone requires 5000 SF minimum lot area for a new Single Family. As property is a "lot of record" per 531.100 (a), a Single Family Dwelling is a permitted use.

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ANA Community Meeting Minutes — September 10, 2012

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
September 10, 2012

Board Members Present: Nic Baker, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser, Craig Pederson and Kevin Kelly.

Absent: Melanie Birke and Candace Baker.

This meeting consisted of a community discussion on a potential redevelopment of the Hollywood Theatre.

Four presenters addressed community members: Miles Mercer, City of Minneapolis CPED staff, Minneapolis 1st Ward Council Member Kevin Reich, Andrew Volna of Noiseland Industries and Apiary, LLC. and Meghan Elliott of PVN.

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Central Avenue Median Meeting Scheduled for February 6

Kevin Reich has called a meeting on Monday, February 6 at 6:30 pm at the Columbia Manor at 3300 Central Avenue to discuss the landscaping of the median.

The neighborhood and people surrounding the median are invited to attend and present their ideas.

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Central Avenue Median Update

You may have noticed that the Central Avenue median between 27th and 37th Avenue NE was stripped bare and cleaned in late September. For the past several years the median has suffered due to harsh weather, salt and plowing, occasional accidents and overall neglect. Many of the trees and shrubs along the median died off or were severely stressed, but a new plan is in the works to restore the median to a more natural state and resolve a number of long-standing driver and pedestrian issues.
The stripping and regrading is the start of the plan by the Department of Public Works to rebuild a new, sustainable median. The first step is to resculpt the median to hold rainwater better. The previous grading design caused much of the rainwater to run off the median into the storm sewer. 
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Audubon Crossing Construction Underway

Several tired houses at the corner of Lowry Avenue and Polk Street have been torn down. Replacing those houses will be a 30-unit mixed-income apartment building named Audubon Crossing.

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Architect Hopes to Give New Life to Funeral Home Property

By Dan Haugen (originally printed in the Waite Park Voice)

A vacant mortuary that's been on the brink of foreclosure for more than a year is now getting a new life as an office and community space.

Architect John Harriss owns the property at 3207 Central Ave. NE. His firm was originally hired to design a condo project at the site.

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