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Audubon Problem Property to be Demolished

Like most neighborhoods, Audubon Park does have some problem properties. Thanks to the hard work of neighborhood volunteers, our number of problems will soon be reduced by one. 2632 Polk St. NE is set for demolition.

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Audubon Renters Become Audubon Homeowners

Colin Mullen, a brewer at Barley John’s Brewpub in New Brighton and Laura Fryberger, owner of the local event planning company, Flings Event Design, purchased their Arthur Street bungalow in the Audubon Park neighborhood in May 2008, just a few months before their scheduled wedding in September of 2008.

The couple rented one unit of a duplex on Buchanan Street for 3 years prior to the decision to buy in the neighborhood. Laura loves the feeling of community and connection to the Northeast arts scene. Colin likes the quick and convenient access to downtown, his workplace, and all necessary goods like Eastside Co-op and the Quarry businesses.

Both enjoy supporting local businesses so they enjoy walking to the Johnson Street merchants like Pop! Restaurant, Dabble, Rewind Audubon Coffee, and most recently Crafty Planet.

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August 2008 Single-family Homes for Sale

Number Street Listing Price
1111 28th Ave NE $79,900
2754 Arthur St NE $294,900
2520 Brighton Ave NE $214,900
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Loans for Multi-Unit Rehab/Multi-Units for Sale

The Audubon Neighborhood Association is offering NRP funds to help people purchase and/or rehab multi-unit buildings in 2008.

Borrow up to $5,000 at 0% ($2,500 can be used for down payment assistance) to buy and/or make improvements to an owner-occupied 2-4 unit property in the Audubon Park neighborhood. This program has no income limits, and no monthly payments are required. Money will be distributed “first come, first served”, so apply now!

ANA’s loans are administered by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE). Call Jim Hasnik of CEE at 612-335-5885, or email jhasnik@mncee.org for more info or to request an application.

Here are some of the multi-units currently for sale in Audubon Park neighborhood and their prices:

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ANA Sponsors First-Time Homebuyer Class

Thinking about buying a home? HomeStretch NE
Earn a certificate for special loan programs!

9-hour class (in three sessions) for just $35.00 per household

Classes held at the King Community Center (Salvation Army)
2727 Central Avenue NE, Minneapolis
Thursday, Sept 4
Thursday, Sept 11
Thursday, Sept 19

Reserve your spot: Call 612-721-7556

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2 Years, 70 Foreclosures

In the two years since May 1st, 2006, Audubon Park has suffered 70 foreclosures. 62 of those were west of Johnson Street. There are approximately 2300 housing units in our neighborhood.

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$97,500 Homebuyer Assistance Available

ANA has partnered with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust to provide up to $97,500 in assistance to help buyers make their home in Audubon. You may have seen our yellow yard signs at some of the eligible houses for sale.


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Worrisome Increase in Rental Property

Much of Audubon Park's rental housing is in poor condition. The StarTribune reports that a rise of single-family conversions to rental has government officials alarmed. The story quotes south side Councilmember Gary Schiff:

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