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2803 Polk Variance Request

A potential buyer of the vacant lot at 2803 Polk Street has notified the association of his intent to seek a zoning variance for the construction of a house on that property. The variance would grant permission to build within the front yard setback along 28th Avenue NE.

The board will take up this issue at the May 6 meeting, starting no earlier than 8pm. All residents are welcome to attend.

Some relevant links:
CPED Land Sale Evaluation, February 7 2013 (pdf)

R2B zone requires 5000 SF minimum lot area for a new Single Family. As property is a "lot of record" per 531.100 (a), a Single Family Dwelling is a permitted use.

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ANA Offers Rain Garden Program

The “Neighborhood of Rain Gardens”

Rain gardens are beautiful and environmentally significant landscaping features that are gaining popularity. For the second time, Audubon Neighborhood Association is partnering with Metro Blooms and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to educate Audubon homeowners about the benefits and beauty of rain gardens.

Audubon homeowners and property owners are eligible to participate in a neighborhood rain-garden program to manage storm water runoff in the Mississippi River watershed. Up to 30 properties in Audubon Park will be selected to receive onsite consultations, where a rain garden design will be created specific to the property owner’s location. The neighborhood association will provide the majority of the funding for consultations and installations, so the property owner will be able to install the garden at a very reasonable cost.

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Audubon Neighborhood Association Awarded a $2,500 Grant!

The Audubon neighborhood Association won a $2,500 grant from the Center for Energy and Environment and the McKnight Foundation on Tuesday, October 25th,for having a 10.17% participation rate in Community Energy Services.  Partnering neighborhood organizations and volunteers were awarded over $45,000 in grants for their work with Community Energy Services.  Visit www.mnces.org for the complete list of winners.

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Lights, Camera, Action: Community Energy Services Launches Video Challenge

Community Energy Services (CES) participants across the City of Minneapolis are being challenged to put on their director’s hat, grab a camera, and roll film to put together the best short film based on their experiences from CES.  The best short films (less than two minutes) will be competing for three cash prizes, including a $1000 grand prize for the best and most creative film.  The competition is open now until August 31st, 2011, with prizes being announced in October at the CES awards ceremony.  For more information, visit www.mnces.org.

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Community Energy Services Workshop Coming to Audubon on March 31! Block with the Most Participants Receives Eastside Food Coop Gift Certificates!

Audubon homeowners are invited to participate in the Community Energy Services (CES) program. CES begins with FREE educational workshops where homeowners can schedule a customized home energy visit.  The visit includes a blower door test which measures for air leaks in the home, as well as the installation of energy and money saving materials. These materials may include compact fluorescent light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, pipe wrap, a programmable thermostat and more!  Participants are also provided with energy tracking and feedback, information on innovative financing and access to specialized rebates available to only program participants. The cost to homeowners is a co-pay of only $30. However, ANA will cover the cost of the co-pay for the first 200 participants. That means participants receive up to $400 in materials and services for FREE!

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Habitat for Humanity Proposes New House at 3035 Tyler St.

Twin City Habitat for Humanity proposes to construct a new house at 3035 Tyler Street NE. The previous owner of the property, which contains an older house, donated it to Habitat for Humanity. The existing house will be demolished and the new house will be built later this year.

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Neighborhood Outreach Challenge Grants

Community Energy Services, CES, the one-stop residential energy program offered to Minneapolis homeowners has just announced their outreach challenge grants for partnering organizations.

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Attention Audubon Homeowners—Participate in the “Neighborhood of Rain Gardens” Program for a Chance to Receive a Free Rain Garden

Rain gardens are beautiful – and environmentally significant – landscaping features that are gaining popularity. ANA is partnering with Metro Blooms to educate Audubon homeowners about the benefits and beauty of rain gardens. Audubon homeowners and property owners are now eligible to participate in a neighborhood rain garden program to manage stormwater runoff in the Mississippi River watershed.

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