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Sale of Hollywood Approved

The Hollywood Theatre building is another step closer to being purchased by Andrew Volna. The City Council on May 9th authorized the sale of the building for $1.00 to Volna’s company, Out of the Past Redevelopment. Volna’s company received the building for that amount due to the extensive amount of redevelopment which needs to be done to make the building functional once again.

The City’s authorization of the sale approved the terms which Out of the Past Redevelopment must meet. Over the next 22 months Out of the Past Redevelopment must rehabilitate the exterior and façade, which includes the Hollywood sign and marquee, as well as rehabilitate the lobby, reconstruct the ticket booth and to preserve historic elements in the auditorium and inner lobby of the building.

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June 2013 Meeting Agenda

ANA’s next community meeting is Monday, June 3, 7pm, at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, 1509 27th Av NE.

The Agenda includes:

  • State Senator Kari Dziedzic
  • State Representative Diane Loeffler
  • Hollywood Theater update
  • Colin Harris, Open Streets Minneapolis
  • Northeast Neighborhood Socials Project
  • Virginia Brophy Achman, Twin Cities in Motion

ANA Community Meeting Minutes — September 10, 2012

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Community Meeting
September 10, 2012

Board Members Present: Nic Baker, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser, Craig Pederson and Kevin Kelly.

Absent: Melanie Birke and Candace Baker.

This meeting consisted of a community discussion on a potential redevelopment of the Hollywood Theatre.

Four presenters addressed community members: Miles Mercer, City of Minneapolis CPED staff, Minneapolis 1st Ward Council Member Kevin Reich, Andrew Volna of Noiseland Industries and Apiary, LLC. and Meghan Elliott of PVN.

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Hollywood Theater is ready and waiting for the right owner to restore its lustre


© 2012 Mary Treacy. Published May 27, 2012 in Twin Cities Daily Planet, used with permission.

Ask any Northeaster of a certain age and you’ll hear a story—a first date, the lush décor, the classic movie featuring the glamorous stars of another day. Ask a 21st century newcomer and you’ll hear a story of a rundown eyesore covered with tattered placards.  Ask a preservationist and you’ll learn just why the Hollywood is an architectural treasure of historic import.  There are clear differences of memory—and opinion—surrounding the Hollywood Theater, 2815 Johnson Northeast in Minneapolis.

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Savage Umbrella to premiere The Ravagers at Historic Hollywood Theater


Savage Umbrella opens its 2011-2012 season with the premiere of  “The Ravagers” this November at the historic Hollywood Theater in Northeast Minneapolis. With a cast of 22 performers ranging from ages 16 to 62, the production marks the theater company’s most ambitious project yet.

“The Ravagers” is loosely based on the ancient Greek play “The Suppliants” by Aeschylus. In “The Suppliants,” Danaus is tyrant of Argos and has 50 daughters who are set to marry their 50 Egyptian cousins. To avoid giving up power to his future sons-in-law, Danaus tells his daughters to murder their new husbands on their wedding night. All do, except for one. “The Ravagers” explores what happens when one daughter discovers herself at the precipice between obedience and resistance.

The Ravagers is written by Blake E. Bolan and Laura Leffler-McCabe and is directed by Blake E. Bolan.

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Hollywood Theater Opens for Production of “Waiting for Godot”

Looking for something different to do this month?  Why not spend a July evening at the Hollywood Theater, viewing Theatre Pro Rata’s production of Waiting for Godot?  The Hollywood Theater, once a vibrant art deco movie theater in Northeast Minneapolis that operated from 1935 to 1987, will once again open its doors temporarily for the production.

Each year, Theatre Pro Rata, (celebrating its 10th season) takes one of its productions on the road. Last year’s production, Traveling Light , was performed in Layman’s Cemetery.

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Artwork of Local Public School Students on Display at the Hollywood Theater, Saturday, May 21, Noon to 5pm

The City of Minneapolis and the Audubon Neighborhood Association are sponsoring a free open house and art viewing for the public on the Saturday afternoon of Art-A-Whirl (May 21) from noon to 5:00.  Here is a chance to see the inside of the Theater and view artwork created by Northeast public school students.

Visitors will have access to the lobby, front corridor, and main hall. In addition, the artwork of students at Pillsbury Elementary, Waite Park Elementary, Northeast Middle School, and Edison High School will be on display at the Theater.

Finally, this July the Theatre Pro Rata group will put on a live performance in the Hollywood of the play Waiting for Godot.  Members of Pro Rata will be on hand during the open house to talk about their production and sell tickets ($14 - $41, sliding scale, cash or check only).   More information at www.theatreprorata.org.

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