ANA Community Meeting Minutes — October 1, 2012

Annual Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2012


Board members: Nic Baker, Kevin Kelly, Adam Sieve, Candace Baker, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser, Melanie Birke, Justin Kwong, Craig Pederson.

Invited guests: Robin Sauerwein (ANA office manager), City Councilman Kevin Reich, State Senator Kari Dziedzic, Carrie Day-Aspinwall (Neighborhood Specialist)

Nine additional community members


  1. Call to order: Nic Baker called the meeting to order at 7:07 P.M.

    1. Quorum (10 percent of registered members) is met.

  1. Review of agenda: No changes or additions.

  1. Review and approval of September 10, 2012 community meeting minutes. It was moved and seconded to approve as written. Minutes approved unanimously.

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November-December Newsletter

Download a PDF of the 2012 November-December ANA Neighbor here.

Also see our archive of past issues.

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Photos Wanted

The Audubon Neighborhood Association website is completing a significant upgrade. As part of that upgrade, we would like to include more photos from around the neighborhood.

We’re looking for banner images (must be 1000px wide) and random snapshots (like those that appear on our front page sidebar).

We can’t pay you, but we can give you credit (with a link to your page/site, if you like). Also, we cannot promise your image will be used.

All submissions will be presumed to include a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Send your pics to, and be sure to let us know how you want to be credited.

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ANA Website Upgrades

[2013 OCT 12] The Audubon Neighborhood Association website is undergoing maintenance. It may be unavailable or intermittently available for a few days.

Meanwhile, you can check the official ANA Facebook page contact the organization at:
612-788-8790 --OR--

And you can always keep in touch with your neighbors in our Facebook group, too:

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ANA Office Has Moved

After two years at Northeast Middle School, the ANA office has moved to the basement of Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, 1509 27th Ave. NE. In 2009, ANA began a partnership with Gustavus Adolphus to host a weekly farmers' market at 27th Ave. and Johnson St. The ANA board is excited to continue this partnership and appreciates the church's commitment to the community.

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Newsletter Archive

Each issue of our newsletter, the Audubon Park Neighbor, is mailed to all households in the neighborhood. Download PDFs of past issues from the list below. Send comments or suggestions to our Editor, Robin Sauerwein.

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