ANA Board Meeting Minutes — July 2013

Audubon Neighborhood Association Baord Meeting Minutes
July 1, 2013


Board members: Nic Baker, Adam Sieve, Justin Kwong, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser and Kevin Kelly

Absent: Jessica Kracl

Minutes from the June 3 meeting were approved. SK, JS unanimously passed

Treasurer’s Report – No response from Bremer regarding signature card for the bank account.

The NCR account has $2,963.40 and there is $3,114.70 in the Cash Account

Neighborhood Participation Plan Survey update – the Board discussed what type of survey to conduct and what questions to ask residents who are from underserved groups and live in the Audubon neighborhood.

2013 Board Meeting Schedule

The ANA Board Meets every month at Gustavus Adolphus Church.

2012 Dates:

  • Nov. 5, 7pm
  • Dec. 3, 6pm

2013 Dates:

  • Jan. 7, 7pm
  • Feb 4, 6pm
  • Mar 4, 7pm
  • April 1, 6pm
  • May 6, 7pm
  • June 3, 6pm
  • July 1, 7pm
  • Aug 5, 6pm
  • Sept 9, 7pm
  • Oct 7, 6pm
  • Nov 4, 7pm
  • Dec 2, 6pm
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ANA Updates By-Laws

At its Annual Meeting on October 1st, 2012, the Audubon Neighborhood Association voted to adopt revised By-Laws.

Download the By-Laws here (pdf), or find them along with our other rules, plans and policies on our ANA Essentials page.

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ANA Board Meeting Minutes — September 10, 2012

Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
September 10, 2012

Board Members Present: Nic Baker, Justin Kwong, Adam Sieve, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser and Kevin Kelly.

Absent: Craig Pederson, Melanie Birke and Candace Baker.

The agenda was amended to include a proposed Book Exchange Library on City Land in Audubon.

  • Jeff Smyser had one correction of the Meeting Minutes from August 6. The date on the Minutes stated August 8. Sean Kobele moved the approval of the amended Minutes from the August 6 Board Meeting . Jeff Smyser seconded the motion and was approved unanimously.

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ANA By-Laws Vote

The ANA Board is proposing changes to the Association By-Laws to comply with City requirements and reflects current practices.

The draft new by-laws and a table summarizing the proposed changes are attached below.

ANA’s current by-laws can be found here.

The membership will be voting on the proposed changes at ANA’s annual meeting on Ocitber 1st. There will be time for question and discussion before the vote is taken.

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ANA Board Meeting Minutes — August 8, 2012


Audubon Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2012

Attendees: Nic Baker, Kevin Kelly, Adam Sieve, Candace Baker, Sean Koebele, Jeff Smyser, Melanie Birke, Craig Pederson

  1. Call to order: Nic Baker called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

  1. Review of agenda: No additions. Agenda re-organized to accommodate guests first

  1. Review and approval of board meeting minutes from July 9: Kevin moved to approve; Melanie seconded. Minutes were approved as written.

  1. Officer and committee reports: None

  1. New business

    1. Guest: Lynne Lurvey, reading teacher at NE Middle School, representing Northeast Reads (

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December 2010 Board Minutes

Minutes from Audubon Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Monday, December 13, 2010 – Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church

1. Call to Order
a. Attendance: Craig Pederson, Matt Brown, Nic Baker, Corri Sandwick

2. Review of Meeting Agenda

3. Approve November Meeting Minutes
a. Motion by Brown to approve November meeting minutes
b. Second by Baker
c. Motion carries

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Get Involved with ANA!

Would you like to help your neighbors maintain and improve upon Audubon's quality of life? ANA is looking for residents and business owners to serve on its board, as well as its Communications, Housing, and Land Use committees. The election for the 2010-2011 board terms will be held at ANA's November 2 community meeting. For more information on our organization, contact Matt Brown at 612-760-1241. We hope you can get involved with ANA!

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