Spring WingDing & Rain Garden Workshop Scheduled

The 2013 Spring WingDing, the neighborhood’s annual celebration, has been scheduled for Saturday, April 27th, at the Audubon Park Recreation Center, 1320 29th Ave. NE, from 11am to 2pm.

ANA, Northeast Middle School (NEMS), and the Recreation Center have collaborated to bring this event to life, with additional support from groups at Edison High School.

As in past years, the event will include exhibits, games, entertainment, and (lots of) food. There will be nature presentations from such organizations as the Audubon Society and the NE Urban 4-H Club, a demonstration of environmental-friendly household cleaners by the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, and an arts-and-crafts demonstration by the East Side Co-op.

There will be a range of games for kids of all ages. In addition to indoor games for the little one, the Northeast Middle School (NEMS) Athletic Department will arrange outdoor sports or indoor contests (such as football throwing), depending on the weather. Some of these activities will serve as a fundraiser for the department.

As for entertainment, we’ll have a full day. Bands and choirs from both NEMS and Edison are schedule to perform, and there may be dramatic presentations, as well.

Finally, food:

As before, local restaurants and the Co-op are donating food to the event. Food service will once again serve as a school fundraiser, this time for Edison High School’s Tommie Boosters, a parents’ group. They are planning to use the funds for a “Senior Lock-in”, an overnight activity for the students.

Those who have attended the last three WingDings have noted that it always seems to rain the last weekend in April. We’re jinxed! In the past, we’ve moved all the activities into the Rec Center. However, the available space has limited the range of activities we could hold. For example, there was not enough room for the bands inside and they weren’t protected from the elements outside. Therefore, the back-up this year will be the NEMS gymnasium at 2955 Hayes St NE. Using this facility will enable us to have entertainment and athletic events inside if it rains. We will also have access to the cafeteria for food and the auditorium for entertainment.

The decision whether to move the event will be made at 8am that morning. If in doubt, you can call the Audubon Park Recreation Center at 612-370-4910 to find out if the event has been moved.

Hopefully, we’ll actually get some sun this year!

Rain Garden Workshop

In conjunction with the WingDing, Metro Blooms will hold a rain-garden workshop at the Audubon Park Recreation Center, from 10am to 1pm. It will be held at the Audubon Park Recreation Center, 1320 29th Ave. NE, regardless of the weather.

This workshop is separate from the ANA’s “Neighborhood of Rain Gardens” program. This workshop will educate attendees on the advantages of rain gardens, how they work, and what’s involved in installing them. Participants will come out of the workshop with a thorough understanding of the subject and ability to determine if a rain garden is for them.

Space is limited, so please register in advance: becky@metroblooms.org or 651-699-2426.